Australia Day 41 – We say goodbye to “The Beast”

How far can you drive a camper with two little kids in 6 weeks? The last picture will give you the answer…

Packing, no one likes it but it is a necessary part of travel.

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to travel by motorhome was so I didn’t want to pack and unpack every few days into and our of different hotels.

When we got our camper I unpacked everything and there it stayed for 6 weeks.

Well, it appears we have added a few items over that time and now it just doesn’t fit.

We started our Australia/New Zealand trip with just one suitcase a few backpacks, not bad Eh?

We are at the Discovery Park Easts Beach.  It is likely the largest park we have been in and it is FANTASTIC.  Children’s toilets, baby bathtubs, child size showers, playgrounds, space, beach, the list goes on.

Dan took Roland for “A Run” (as we have taken to calling it)

This way I could get some packing done without the little dude trying to undo everything.  Scarlet was a willing participant that did not complain too much.

Day 41

This little duck decided to visit.  Clearly, a local favourite as to hoe friendly and hungry looking it was.

I have the added bonus today of a 1-hour massage, booked by Dan and an anniversary/mother’s day gift.  And I need it!  My right shoulder has been killing me.  It’s not a new issue but certainly aggravated by the driving and child wrestling that has been going on.

My massage was fantastic!  James, a seasoned Iron Man triathlete gave a great deep tissue remedial massage.  As he put it “A good Flogging”

All packed up we headed north to the Maui dealership.  Before leaving town we took in a few sights.

Day 41

Discovery Park Easts Beach

Day 41

Little Blow Hole

On the way back to Sydney,

Day 41

We might have left it looking a little dirty compared to the clean and ready to go models…

We took a quick taxi ride to our hotel and made the quick decision to get a new duffel bag to hold all our extra stuff.

The hotel staff had suggested a local shopping center that was close walking distance.  Thinking I wouldn’t be long I headed off and left Dan with the kids, planning to bring supper home with me.  It was about 4:30.

The shopping center had a Woolworths, foot locker and some various other shops (including the Japnese version of a dollar store) but no luggage to be seen.

Chatting with the employee of Foot Locker, he suggested a luggage store located in the World Square Shopping Centre.  Not having a clue and not having any data on my phone, I headed off in that direction.  A “short ” walk through China Town and I found the place mentioned.  Their quality was second to none but so was the $400 price tag on a small duffel bag.  I do love good quality but I also have a budget I need to follow.  Lucky me, I found a “dollar store” downstairs and they had the cheapest looking bag you have ever seen.  This thing might not even make it to New Zealand (and I packed it accordingly).

Well, there was NO way I was going to make it back to the hotel within a reasonable amount of time.  I had several kilometers to cover in the dark and hoping I didn’t get lost.  Thankfully I did grab a paper map before leaving and grabbed a bit of free WiFi before heading off.

Dan and I could also text.  He ordered pizza and I worked for it getting back.

Scarlet is SOOOOO close to crawling!  It is such fun to watch her try and she want so move too.

Anyone know what our totak driving was?

Day 41

Oh, and today we only drove 132.6 km

Day 7 – Blue Mountains

Distance Driven: 47km

Steps Taken: 7,573


Good Morning!

The Blue Mountains are a unique range of mountains that are like no others in the world.  They are known for not only their stunning sites but the blue haze caused by light, dust particles and the oils given off by the Eucalyptus Tree.

Today was our quickest day yet for getting going in the morning.  We ate breakfast and even had time to play at the park before leaving by the 10:00 check out time (yesterday took us until 12:00).  I am also happy to say that we have finally finished unpacking.  I have no clue where I put everything but our suitcase is empty and put into storage under the camper.

We first headed off to Govetts Leap Lookout in Blackheath


Our second stop was Echo Point where we had specular views of the Three Sisters and the surrounding area.  This was clearly the most popular lookout as there were several tour buses and NO parking available.  We managed to find a side street with parking and as both kids were sleeping, I headed off to see the sights and bring back lunch.


As time marched on, so quickly as it does every day, we chose one last lookout for the day, Wentworth Falls.


We were given the opportunity to have coffee and a small snack, sold by a local company who sets up a van and make excellent coffee.  By they way, we are still not sure how to get a cup of coffee like home, it’s just not the same.  Today we tried a Flat White instead of a Long black.  I like it.

Getting settled into a motorhome that feels massive when driving and like a tin can when moving about, has been an adjustment.  We are slowly getting the hang of things and I’m sure by the end of this 10-week adventure we will with love it or hate it but we will be experts either way.

Tonight we needed to bathe both kids.  It was a fun experiment.


Here is a video of what our home looks like today.

Tonight we have chosen a free campground.  There is a small loop of dirt road at a rest stop there you can park for the night.  There were washrooms and even showers.

I have had a massive headache all day.  I tried to drive but it was just too much.  As the thunder of an impending storm started to roll in I figured out the source of that pain.  Now, with the storm past, I feel much better.

Packing Light – 1 suitcase for the whole family!

Belize (1).jpg

Roland Sees his first airplane at age 1.5

We are in the final countdown – One Week until takeoff and as I finish packing I find that I have lost my notes,


It’s ok…it took me a whole week but I found them!

With that crisis averted I finished packing and filmed the whole ordeal for you to see.

Want to know what I packed?

Here goes…

Packing List - One Suitcase and Backpacks

Some of the great travel clothing I found came from Eddi Bower and these fast drying underwear from ExOfficio.

It was pretty easy to find things that don’t take up a lot of room. Look for light fabric that will dry quickly and pack layers. You don’t need a winter coat if you put on a long sleeve, short sleeve, sweater and raincoat.

World Traveling Toddlers Packing List

This is an easily customizable packing list I have created just for all my wonderful readers.

Remember, when packing light:

Gather what you thing you need and cut our at least half.

Wash One, Wear One, Dry One.

Buy what you can there, don’t pack full-size bottles.

Use storage bags to decrease space and keep organized.

Happy Travels!