Getting Prehistoric – Auckland, New Zealand

As I returned the camper yesterday, I spied a sign for this little place by the airport called Butterfly Creek.

With the morning a bit wet we ate leftover pizza for breakfast and splashed in some puddles.

NZ Day 30

We took a quick 10 min cab ride and arrived only to get attacked by a giant dinosaur.

NZ 30_0009.jpg

Don’t worry.  This momma knows how to take a dino down to protect her babies!

We headed inside grabbed some tickets and headed off to explore!

Filled detail some of these dinos even move and roar (a little too much for Roland)

NZ Day 30

NZ Day 30

There is an informative display too.

NZ Day 30

Dan and Roland saw this raptor trying to escape so they tried to keep him under control.  Unfortunately, there was a large hole in the cage where both Roland and Dan got out.

NZ Day 30NZ Day 30

Roland got bored of his usual family and joined this one for some Jurassic fun!

NZ Day 30

There is plenty more than dinosaurs here.  There is a Farm and other animals too.

We got to pet a Guinnie Pig and I got some awesome Rat cuddles from a boy named Dave.  There are also bunnies, birds, goats, pigs, chickens, sheep and a wallaby plus the resident black lab who is all too happy to get his ears and belly scratched.

This is the enclosure they have built for the goats – at first glance, I though it was a high ropes course!

NZ Day 30

By the cafe (great food by the way) there is a playground too.

NZ Day 30NZ Day 30

King Roland finally found his throne!

NZ Day 30

And don’t forget, no matter where you go and what you do, your child will always want to play with the box.

NZ Day 30


Day 20 – Dino Capital and McKinlay

Started out day in Winton, the Dinosaur capital of Australia and finished our day in Mt. Isa, at total of 507 km

A quick drive out of town landed us in the beautiful outback and surrounded by Jump Up’s ( a clever name for the rocky hills that stick up here and there.

We aimed to visit Australia’s Age of the Dinosaur as early as possible.  Although the locals keep telling us that the 30C temperature is a welcome change on the cooler side of things, we are feeling the heat.  By 8 am it was 25C and rising quickly.

Day 20 (3).jpgOnce making your accent to the top of the jump up you will be greeted by friendly staff and an impressive dino named Banjo.

Day 20 047

Did you know Australia had Dinosaurs?

Did you know they have unique dinosaurs that have never been seen anywhere else on earth?

This was such a big event that you can read all about it here

It was a late start driving to our next location and we finally made it to McKinlay!

Did you figure out what is here?

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Yes, more beautiful landscapes but we also found…

Day 20 (26).jpg

Somwhere Roland could play with tumbleweeds, but that’s not why we drove all the way out here…

Day 20 133

This is the film location of Crockadile Dundee!

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This is the distance we drove from Winton to get to McKinlay, just incase you were wondering. (not to mention the 1000s of km we drove to get to the outback in the first place)

Day 20 155

It’s hot.  Were hot.

Day 20 164

A little night driving was unavoidable.  We even took a moment to stop in a rest area and turn off the lights.  It was just amazing!!! The stars!!!!

By the way.  There are crazy long vehicles here. And I saw my first wild kangaroo.  Well, I saw the back of it hopping off AWAY from the road thankfully!

Day 20 166