Every Dollar Counts

We are three weeks out from our next big trip!

I have a lot left on my TO DO list but some pretty major things have been completed.
Plane Tickets …check
Hotels.. check

I even found a live-in CAT SITTER!! Yes, someone is actually willing to live in my house and hang out with my cats. Wait…who wouldn’t want to live in a house for free and cuddle kitties!!! (Why didn’t I think of this when I was younger!)
Along with finding a cat sitter, there are a few “house keeping” issues to take care of. I have set all our bills to pre-authorized payment so the hydro doesn’t get shut off while we are away.

Pre-Trip Shopping (I both love and hate this part)


You Spent How Much Today?

There are some parts of a trip that we can only do so much about on price. The cost of a plane ticket, car and hotel rentals, meals…they all add up.
I am a total comparison shopper. I’m talking HOURS of looking at prices and sites to try and get the best price but where I find it really starts to add up is the pre-vacation shopping. (I’m also a nut for gadgets!)
So far, I have already bought new clothing for Scarlet (she needs size 6-9 months anyway), some new items for Roland, cell phone holders for the motorhome, Bluetooth camera remote, made Roland’s Busy Binder, let’s not forget the trip to Eddi Bauer and yesterday I bought a new suitcase. Why you ask do I need a new suitcase? Well, I happen to see one that takes up very little room when it is empty. Storage will be a premium in the camper!
Today I also email every single hotel we have booked with.
Well, travel does not always fit into the typical 3 pm check-in and 10 am checkout. Our flight into Sydney lands at 6 am and I think I might just want a bed after the 30 or so hours of travel we will be doing. Our flight to Christchurch lands at 11 pm and the list of accommodations goes on.
So now I’m looking for an Ergobaby 360 carrier for Scarlet but I will search every day ‘til I see the one I want for sale (or even used for a good price will do). I also want the rain cover because a wet baby is a sad baby and a sad momma. Ergobaby made this new 360 model that is cooler and doesn’t have the LOUD Velcro waistband and it looks fantastic. If you not familiar with the Ergobaby 360 I can tell you it allows for 4 different carry positions (Facing in, forward, hip and backpack). It is super comfortable to wear and gives the baby the proper frog-leg position for happy hips. I also scored a used backpack that actually attaches to the straps of the carrier!

I’m also still searching for “Day Hotels” – we have made out layovers as long as possible.  I know that sounds odd but this will let us leave the airport and stretch our legs in a room where we don’t have to chase children at the same time.   I know they exist but they are a little harder to find and book.

I will keep going, only three weeks left.  Dan won’t pack a thing until the night before (so I’m packing for him, he doesn’t have a choice!) and we will be off before we know it!



New Zealand? Australia? Two Kids?