Back on Canadian Terra Firma

As you probably read before sleeping at home was a trick and a half.  Getting the kids (and us) back on schedule was no laughing matter.  It took WEEKS to adjust back to Canada time.

We did have distractions though.

Granny (my mom) took the time to make Roland’s belated burthday present extra special.

While we were in New Zealand we saw a pedalless puck bike that would be perfect for Roland.

Granny took Roland out to our local bike shop and had him fitted for a brigh green bike and he LOVES it!



Traveling has lest quite the impression on Roland.  It’s all he talk about.  When is the next trip? When do we get to go back on the camper?  When is the next plane ride?


In lue of a formal birthday party for Roland, our wonderful family and friend got together and threw us a welcome home party.  It was especially wonderful since I didn’t have to do anything.


Time to go back to regular lift for a while.

Maternity leave will be over soon and I will go back to my “regular job”.  Only question is where will our next trip be?



Thank you everyone for following along our crazy long journey.  It;s been a blast and something I would recommend to everyone with or without kids.

Jet Planes and Jet Lag

Well, we are home. It took 30 hours of travel (thanks to the addition of a long flight delay) and we are pooped!


Despite the hangrey meltdown by both kids, we made it safely back to our home.

Here is where true toddlerhood kicked it up a notch.

When he saw his kitties and then his toys he was in overdrive happiness!



The thought of food or sleep washed out the window and he was AWAKE!

We did manage to get everyone to sleep for a few hours before ordering delivery for “dinner”

Simply too tired both kids were in bed at a respectable 8pm!!

I was so excited!  Thinking “maybe we will get a leg up on this Jet Lag thing…” famous last words I had to eat, along with “breakfast” at 3 am with EVERYONE AWAKE.


By 7 am we were hungry again and wanted out of the house.

Off we went to good old McD’s for cheep and fast “lunch” aka “Second Breakfast”
Well thank goodness we got home in one price and no one drove on the wrong side of the road.  Both Roland and Scarlet went down for a nap. Hubby and I soon followed suit.

I thought to myself. I should set an alarm so we don’t sleep too long.


5 hours later, we got up.

And so the story goes and will likely continue for the next few days.


The flights themselves were actually rather non eventful.

The 12 hour flight from New Zealand to LA had a late dinner and both kids did fall asleep eventually. (As hard as I try I just cannot sleep sitting up).

Big win for me was watching a whole movie!!! Followed by some predownloaded Netflix!!!


Scarlet got a bassinet on the wall. If you prebook your seats with the airline you can often get the row close to a wall. Here you can get a bassinet that attaches to the wall. Baby can sleep laying down and you can ave ads and hand free for a little while.

As an added bonus, you get extra leg room!!!


Once in LA we cleared customs and rechecked our bags. We then made a quick call to Travelogue to book a day room. $88 USD got us a room until 8pm!  As we walked over the the shuttle area our little bus was right there. No waiting at all!!

I was truly exhausted. Like, I cannot adult today. Dan your on your own. You got the kids. I’m sleeping NOW. Kinda tired.

Roland insisted on sleeping with Scarlet and I and soon all were resting for a few hours.

We grabbed Denny’s for dinner, repacked our bags for the next plane ride and headed back to the airport.
This is where things went a little different than planned.
As we passed through security, Dan overheard an announcement about a time change for a flight headed to Toronto.

Our original departure was 10:30pm. Now? 1:55am. If we’re lucky.


This means we have A LOT of time to kill with two little ones.

We walked, played, ate, made new friends, ate again, walked Scarlet to sleep, on and on and on.


Finally onboard the plane everyone is exhausted. Dan and Roland sat in a row behind Scarlet and I. My seat mate arrived and instantly had one of those looks of “Awe Crap, I Got The Seat Beside The Baby!!!”

I assured him she was a good flyer (hoping not to jinks myself) and Scarlet happily put out her charming smiles for everyone to see.

Sure enough, the moment that plane took off she fell asleep. She slept the full 5 hour trip and woke up as the plane landed!!!

How’s that for good traveling!!
Roland had it a bit harder. He wanted some screen time and we don’t argue with that on the plane. He, however, will not fall asleep if it’s on. So we had to take it away. Make him cry, loose his mind, get mama to cuddle him and off to sleep he went.

He also woke up about the same way. Crying. Unhappy. Inconsolable and confused. We finally got him to look at my phone and settle down enough to finish waking up. Poor kid.

Flying Away – So Long New Zealand

Well, it has been 4 full weeks of traveling New Zealand and we have boarded our plane home.  We have explored both islands of New Zealand and seen some incredible things.

From the still present earthquake damage of Christ Church to the majestic beauty of the mountains and oceans, we have seen so much of this country and yet have only scratched the surface.

Traveling with our children has been tough but rewarding and we have seen them grow so much on this long holiday.

For now, we board our first flight from Auckland to Las Angeles in hope of getting some sleep along the way.


Our first plan of attack to airport and flight survival is being realistic.  Our children are 3 years and 9 months old.

We always get to the airport super early.    It was so interesting to see our flight status as “Relax” (a term that is used by my husband would not have the same effect”

NZ Day 31

I don’t like spending any more time here than I need to but I also know feeding, diaper changes, security, feeding them again, finding a place to play, and so on takes a lot of time.

NZ Day 31

We found this quiet out of the way little spot, super clean and the wall toys entertained both kids!  Now that Scarlet is crawling and of course putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, finding a good hangout location is a little more tricky/requires WAY more paying attention to what the hands put in the mouth!!

We play to our sons wants a little more when we travel.  So when he says he wants a $9 smoothie, we go with it.  A fed child is always a happier child.

NZ 31_0009.jpg

And yes, he loved it, and yes, he did require cleaning after…

NZ Day 31

We also know that he loves to watch anything with wheels so we try to find a spot to park with a good window view.

NZ 31_0007.jpg

Beyond that, we just try and have fun.  We play with toys and usually find other traveling families to hang out with so our kids can play and we get to have Adult conversations!

NZ 31_0008.jpg

For long flights, we book our seats with no one in front of us and the ability to get a bassinet on the wall.  When we first flew to Australia Scarlet was 6 1/2 months old and not crawling yet.  The bassinet on the wall was AMAZING.  Now that she is 9 months, she is so much more mobile. I desperately tried to keep her in it so I could eat dinner but she just moves too much.  It was still great once she fell asleep but I had to keep one eye open if she woke up and wanted out.

Our other survival method for these crazy long flights is to take advantage of screen time.  As much as I might hate Roland totally zoning out with a screen and the tantrum that ensues when it is withdrawn, it does help us all get through such a long journey.

We are so fortunate out children are excellent travelers.  Any child will cry, complain, run, and just be a kid because they ARE A KID.  Our kids are by no means perfect and I still feel like crap when they cry, scream, throw food, kick the back of a seat and so on and so on but they are just trying to cope with the boring plane as best as they can and the more you fight it the worse it will be.

Keep little tools and tricks (Like a Busy Book) with you and survival is possible.

What are your go to survival tips for traveling with kids?

We Lost Teddy!!! – Auckland, New Zealand

Yesterday I packed up everything in the camper and we moved into a hotel for a few nights.  Then, at 2 am after both kids had woken up and taken forever to go back down, it dawned on me.  I haven’t seen Scarlet’s Teddy!!!  The Incredible Shrinking Teddy!  Her “First Teddy” from Grandma and Grandpa!


We have been using this teddy from birth to show just how much she grows.  We did the same thing with our son and now Scarlet’s Teddy is gone.

Now, apparently my brain was actually functioning at this odd hour and I immediately remembered the last picture we had taken with the dynamic duo.

NZ 17_0004.jpg

We had been visiting the Weta Workshop (  for a tour and some cool photos with the Troll.

We put Teddy down for the tour and never picked it up again!!!

Now again this is 2 am so there was nothing I could do about it, so I went back to bed and called first thing in the morning.

I called the gift shop, it seemed like the right place to start my search.  They were SO EXCITED when I called.  Apparently, they had been looking for us and were about to start a Facebook campaign (kinda wish they had, now that would have been cool!!).  There was something about Teddy getting around the shop but I didn’t understand what they meant at the time.  I enquired about overnight shipping it to the hotel and if it might arrive before he left for the airport (thankfully it was an evening flight home the next day!)  If there is any business that knows how to get something where it needs to be quick, I figured a prop studio would know how!

It would cost a whopping $8! (HAHA I would have paid soooooo much more than that).

That brings us to Today.  We waited until checkout and still no Teddy.  We paid for a few more hours and that got us our room until noon.

Still no Teddy.

All packed up and sitting in the “Lobby” and still no Teddy.

Dan, getting nervous about time, asked me when I thought it would arrive.  Being optimistic I said 1.  It will get here by 1.

A few false alarms (clean sheets got delivered) we finally saw our “Knight in Shining Armour” (Postal Truck) arrive and boy were we excited!!!


NZ 31_0014.jpg

Now we can head to the airport and I feel like the weight of the world has lifted!

Getting Prehistoric – Auckland, New Zealand

As I returned the camper yesterday, I spied a sign for this little place by the airport called Butterfly Creek.

With the morning a bit wet we ate leftover pizza for breakfast and splashed in some puddles.

NZ Day 30

We took a quick 10 min cab ride and arrived only to get attacked by a giant dinosaur.

NZ 30_0009.jpg

Don’t worry.  This momma knows how to take a dino down to protect her babies!

We headed inside grabbed some tickets and headed off to explore!

Filled detail some of these dinos even move and roar (a little too much for Roland)

NZ Day 30

NZ Day 30

There is an informative display too.

NZ Day 30

Dan and Roland saw this raptor trying to escape so they tried to keep him under control.  Unfortunately, there was a large hole in the cage where both Roland and Dan got out.

NZ Day 30NZ Day 30

Roland got bored of his usual family and joined this one for some Jurassic fun!

NZ Day 30

There is plenty more than dinosaurs here.  There is a Farm and other animals too.

We got to pet a Guinnie Pig and I got some awesome Rat cuddles from a boy named Dave.  There are also bunnies, birds, goats, pigs, chickens, sheep and a wallaby plus the resident black lab who is all too happy to get his ears and belly scratched.

This is the enclosure they have built for the goats – at first glance, I though it was a high ropes course!

NZ Day 30

By the cafe (great food by the way) there is a playground too.

NZ Day 30NZ Day 30

King Roland finally found his throne!

NZ Day 30

And don’t forget, no matter where you go and what you do, your child will always want to play with the box.

NZ Day 30


Good Bye Beast 2.0 – Auckland, New Zealand

Today we say goodbye to “The Beast 2.0”

We woke to some spectacular fog.  A truly beautiful gift from mother nature on this early morning.

Every minute the landscape changed.

NZ Day 29NZ Day 29NZ Day 29NZ Day 29

Today we return “The Beast 2.0” our camper that has been our home for the last month.

Rock Star Illman 2

Our plan of attack for returning the motorhome was going to be far less stressful than how we did things in Australia.

Step 1: get other people OUT of the camper.

SO, while I packed and Scarlet slept, Dan took Roland to the Museum of Transportation and Technology.


NZ Day 29NZ Day 29NZ Day 29NZ Day 29NZ Day 29NZ Day 29NZ Day 29

Step 2: Get everything into carrying bags of some kind.  This was not our final packing.  We still have a few days in a hotel and access to laundry.  I separated the dirty and clean clothing. Kept the “electronics” together and bagged up the leftovers (our hotel has a mini kitchen too).

Once the boys were back we ate a quick lunch with leftovers in the fridge and headed off to the hotel.

Step 3: Drop off all our stuff at the hotel BEFORE dropping off the camper. It was SO much easier dropping everything off there and leave Dan with the kids.


Step 4: I dropped off the camper and simply walked the 1Km back to the hotel!  We had extra liability insurance so there was no walk around to check for damage and we had also purchased the express return package so I did not need to fuel up or dump water/sewage.  Easy Peasy.

I spied this while returning the camper.  This place looks interesting….perhaps tomorrow.


NZ Day 29

A day for Play – Auckland, New Zealand

We woke up this morning to one of those brief few peaceful moments with our two young children playing together.

Happily sharing the same toys with no tears or bloodshead.

With nothing major planned today we took our time and gave Roland every opportunity to play.

There was a park close by.

NZ Day 28

And a quick google search showed a Chipmunks play place close by.

By the time we arrived Scarlet was fast asleep in her seat so Roland and I left Daddy and Scarlet behind.


We grabbed some lunch down the road and happily found a small outdoor playground in the shopping center.  Chatting with some other parents we got a great tip on visiting the Museum of Transportation and Technology.  Could be something fun to do tomorrow!

Kelly Talton’s Sea Life Aquarium – Auckland, New Zealand

When your 3 and your days starts out by seeing a Shark Boat, you know you’re going to have a good day!

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium is perfectly located right on the shores of Auckland.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We started our tour with the Scott Base exhibit.  It looked really interesting with all sorts of artifacts and reconstructed rooms.  Roland, however, had no interest so I have no pictures for you.

He did, however, love the Penguins!  These King Penguins are huge!  They can weigh as much as 20 kg or 44 lbs (That’s bigger than Roland!)

And if that wasn’t enough, they have huge fluffy babies!!!!!

NZ Day 27

NZ Day 27

There are also Gentoo Penguins, they are the fastest swimming penguin out there!

NZ Day 27

NZ Day 27

We were mesmerized watching them swim around the large tank.  I was surprised how cold the glass was but I guess that is real temperatures for them.  It was also real snow in their enclosure.

Past the Penguins we found these cool looking globes.  They gave such a good view into the tanks.

NZ Day 27

Not too far into the Aquarium, we found the kids area.  By now Roland was on full over stimulation mode or something because we couldn’t keep him still.  There were these cool stations with colouring pages of fish and this wall was lit up with an aquarium scene.  There were even a few spots you could touch the wall and things would happen.

NZ Day 27

What you could do was colour your very own fish, scan it below and it would start swimming on the wall!  How awesome is that!!

NZ Day 27

Roland, however, was not interested apparently.  This is the room we lost him in and somehow he snuck out of the room.  It didn’t take long to find him, however.  He simply made his way to the play area because he “needs to play” as he always says.

NZ Day 27

The cafe was well situated with the play area and lots of fish to see.

NZ Day 27NZ Day 27NZ Day 27

Both Roland and Scarlet really enjoyed the underwater viewing tunnels.  Scarlet should have napped, as she usually does, in the carrier as we walked around but she did not take her eyes off those fish.  In face, Roland liked it so much we went around on the loop more than once!

The tour was rounded out with a few for aquariums and a seahorse exhibit.

We really enjoyed this place.  We spent a few hours and easily could have spent more just playing in the kid’s area.  Our tickets did allow re-entry so we didn’t feel the need to stay for lunch.  Parking was limited and not the best for motorhomes.  We also saved some money by getting out tickets online the night before we went.



Sheepworld – New Zealand

NZ Day 26

NZ Day 26

Not to far north of Auckland, you can find a place called Sheepworld.

Now I know what your thinking.  “HA! Sheepworld!  Isn’t that ALL of New Zealand already?!?!”

Well, your kind of right.  Back in the early 1980s, there were over 70 million sheep.  The numbers have declined to about 27 million since though.

We’ve seen our share of sheep along the way and we through it would be a great day to actually learn about Sheep Farming.

There was a lot more to this place than just sheep though.

We found a whole farm full of pigs, ponies, goats, bunnies, alpaca, deer, cows…

Oh and birds.  Yeah.  Roland is not a big fan of most birds.  he enjoys pointing them out, seeing them from afar or approaching on his terms.


NZ Day 26

This duck has the most perfect duck shadow, silly I know, but I just love it!

NZ Day 26


However, when the birds are accustom to being fed by every single person holding a brown paper bag….

We tried to get Roland chasing the birds like a Dinosaur to scare them off.  Sometimes it worked.  This kid does not like birds!

You can buy these bags of food that is safe for the animals to eat.  Super cheap and lots of fun.  We had a great time feeding everyone.

NZ Day 26

The thing that truly makes the Sheepworld is the show they run twice a day.  This is where you learn about farming.

We got to watch the sheep get rounded up and herded into the show barn.  It turns out there are two dogs.  The well-known dog that goes out, runs fast and silent, convincing the sheep where to go with nothing more than a stare.

NZ Day 26

Then there is the loud guy.  Best for close quarters and great at getting the sheep to go places they would rather not.

NZ Day 26

That’s this guy on the right.  A mix of English Fox Hound, Labrador and Whippit or Greyhound.  They are loud, fast and driven.

Enter in our new friend Teryn.

NZ Day 26

She even got us working.  We helped to sort the sheep by colour.

NZ Day 26


She taught us all about the markings used to keep track of gender, age, and ownership of each sheep. Then she sheared a sheep for us.  You can make some pretty good money sheering sheep but you gotta be fast, it’s piece work and hard work.

NZ Day 26

After all that work, HA! we got rewarded with the cutest experience you could hope for on a sheep farm.  Just look at the enjoyment of Roland’s face!


We spend at least a few hours here with the show and wandering around.  So, we headed into the aptly named Farmer’s Wife Cafe.

NZ Day 26NZ Day 26

Tomato soup with scones (cheese and onion jam!) yum!NZ Day 26

Dan said the Shephard’s Burger is quite possibly the best he has had yet (he didn’t know it was lamb either)

NZ Day 26

Plenty for the kids to play with,  Roland gave Scarlet this one.  See the purple dress below?  I bought that one for Scalet.  I’m thinking First Birthday.


NZ Day 26

We had a great day and now we drive back to Auckland.  We don’t have much planned for the rest of the trip.  We will go to an aquarium and generally hang around the area.

NZ Day 26

Auckland Habour View

NZ Day 26

I don’t think I have ever seen this many boats.

NZ Day 26

I don’t know what it is but we get such a kick out of driving over a bridge.  Perhaps it’s Roland’s excitement.



Coromandel – New Zealand

After visiting Hot Water Beach we decided to take the scenic route around the top of the Coromandel Peninsula.

Named after the HMS Coromandel who landed here in 1820, the rugged nature of the peninsula has limited its potential growth, despite being relatively close to Auckland.

NZ Day 25NZ Day 25NZ Day 25NZ Day 25NZ Day 25

We stayed the night and had breakfast in town before heading out towards and past Auckland.



Sorry about the Google Image.  Apparently, we didn’t take any pictures at breakfast.

I have a love-hate relationship with cooking VS going out to eat.  I cook and it’s cheap vs the EXPENSIVE price of eating out. But, when we eat out we have some of the very best experiences and there are NO DISHES.

Today Roland had a blast with two ladies having tea.  He brought them magazines, cutlery and told them stories about feeding dolphins, swimming at the beach and anything else he could think of.  He generally bounced around and we all had a good laugh.
Scarlet worked on her crawling, pulling up to standing and I’m showing her how to use the couch to practice walking.  She shined her best smiles for the ladies and anyone else who dared to look at her.  She is such a ham for the attention.

We headed off in the direction of Auckland with the intentions of going right past.  We will leave the big city for another day.  For now, we are headed to “SheepWorld”!


NZ Day 25

You say To Mata, I say Te Mata…

NZ Day 25


We have such a hard time with pronouncing the names in both New Zealand and when we were in Australia.  We have taken to making up the names.  Puke Hole, for example.  Sorry.

NZ Day 25

NZ Day 25

Thinking of home with these names.

A glimpse2017-06-09.png of Auckland

NZ Day 25

Massive number of ships

NZ Day 25

Crazy Toll fees! (HAHA, someone should show this to the 407 at home)

NZ Day 25

Interesting bridge