Dino Petting – Winton, QLD Australia

A quick drive out of town landed us in the beautiful outback and surrounded by Jump Up’s ( a clever name clever rocky hills that stickup here and there.

We aimed to visit Australia’s Age of the Dinosaur as early as possible.  Although the locals keep telling us that the 30C temperature is a welcome change on the cooler side of the weather, we are feeling the heat.  By 8 am it was 25C and rising quickly.

Day 20 030

The road to this exabit is currently undergoing a few changes and will be a beautiful black top, paved, surface in the future but for now we recommend going slow and enjoying the scenery.

Day 20 056

Once making your accent to the top of the jump up you will be greeted by friendly staff and an impressive dinosaur named Banjo. Lucky enough to have over 4,000 acers donated, Australia’s Age of the Dinosaur is perched beautifully atop the jump up and with plenty of room to expand.  Since that land was donated an intensive look at the local plants and animals have revealed over 200 new species.

Day 20 047

Did you know Australia had Dinosaurs?

Did you know they have unique dinosaurs that have never been seen anywhere else on earth?

Well I guess it’s not THAT surprising if you think about the unique nature found on the continent at present day.


Start your tour with the Collection Room conveniently located at the Reception centre.  You will be seated in a a comfortable 23C room.

Housed here are the fossils of Banjo, Wade and Matilda, three unique dinosaurs discovered right here in the outback.

Day 20 063

Banjo -Australovenator wintonensis

A Mega-Raptor who stands about 1.6 metres at the hip and was approximately 5 metres in length.  He would have been muscular and fast.  In fact, palaeontologist think he would get up to 30 km/h in just 3 strides!!!  He had big claws and would have used them to grab his pray in a deadly hug.

Day 20 062

Matilda – Diamantinasaurus matildae

As a sauropod, or large long necked dino as I like to call them, would have been a herbivore.

She would have stood 15–18 metres long and 2.5 metres tall at the hip and that is considered small for a sauropod!

Day 20 065

Wade – Savannasaurus elliottorum

This therapod – another long neck plane eating dino, interestingly had 5 toes on each foot and would have been similar in style to that of an elephant.

Day 20 067

Next you can hop on a bus for a quick 15 min drive over to Dinosaur Canyon.

Your tour guide will educate and entertain you while you take in the breath-taking views.

Day 20 070

This brand-new facility showcases prehistoric scenes of dinosaurs that would have roamed the vast planes of their era.  Created to scale, out of bronze, these figures are detailed and built to last.

Day 20 093

In one displays you will see these funny looking trees.  They are 700-800 years old and were donated for the display.

In fact, everything you see here is thanks to donations.  The facility is not government funded and relies heavily on donations, volunteers and the tourists, like us.


The Fossil Preparation Laboratory

Day 20 027The fastest lab in the southern hemisphere! Thanks to the hard work of volunteers they are unearthing dinosaurs at record speed and with that they still have about 10 years of work sitting on the shelves! Volunteer and dig up bones in the field or even help to clean them in the lab. Yes, you can volunteer to do this!

Your guide will show you around and explain all the stages of finding, collecting and cleaning the fossils.

Day 20 007

They even have this fossilized tree BRANCH.

Day 20 009

So, what’s even more amazing than that?

You can touch a real dinosaur fossil!!

Day 20 010This is a MUST SEE if you are in Australia’s outback.

We spent a total of 5 hours here and that included eating lunch at the Cretaceous Café.

Day 20 054

Take your time and visit all three sites.

We almost didn’t go and we are so very glad that we did.


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