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To some I have seen the world, to others it is just the start.  My first “big” trip was a visit to England with my parents and a love of travel started.


Trafalgar Square, London (do NOT visit after it rains!)


Onto Germany for a 3-week exchange program. Lina, my exchange student, spoke 4 fluent languages and was learning her 5th at the age of 17!

Cuba for my sister’s Wedding was the first taste of warm weather vacations.


Mechanical Bull Riding in heels!

Mexico for more resort style vacationing (we were not very confident travelers and resorts offered the comfort and security we sought)


The Dominican was a hair-raising trip in 2010 with the Earthquake in Haiti and the following tsunami warning.



Off for a drive around Varadero (I had to learn stick pretty fast!)

Honeymoon in Cuba got us a little more off resort time (we are a little slow at being the adventurous traveler and that is just fine with us)


Sea Turtle Conservation, Guanacaste


Sunset Dinner


Learning to Surf

Costa Rica was a girls trip with MANY off resort type adventures and my eyes were finally opened.  I was so excited that I went back with my husband a mere few weeks after getting home from the girls trip!




Volcanic Adventures in Nicaragua


Iguanas in San Ignacio

Belize was our first “true” travel experience.  Hotels, cars, planes, boat taxies and backpacks.   We were FREE and loved the adventure.


I also had the truly humbling opportunity in 2015 to “build” a house for a village in Haiti and help provide for some orphaned children.  This hit home for me having been on the other side of the island when the massive and devastating earthquake hit. Caring House Project and Hope To Haiti

Two years after our first visit we returned to Belize with Roland (age 1.5) and our travel was forever changed.  Kids bring such different travel experience and are AMAZING icebreakers.


World Traveling Toddlers was created as a place to document and share all the research I do when traveling with or without my children. 

I update pages and post often and add information as I learn new things. 
Please like and share so more families can learn along with us. 
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  1. I admire your ‘come as it happens’ attitude and looking forward to your travels….actually makes us think….huh

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