About the Mom behind the Traveling Toddlers. 

Journalists, photographer, self-made millionaire… there are not the words to describe me.
I am a wife, mother, paramedic and volunteer. This is where my identity is most rooted.
My life as a paramedic officially started in 2003 but is deeply rooted in the time I have spent volunteering with St. John Ambulance. Since 1995 I have worked in the community providing first aid services and continue to work with youth, teaching those same skills.

I love to travel and let’s be honest, who doesn’t! Now that I have little followers I want to continue to see the world and these adventures are the best ways to learn how to travel.
It is different with kids. Traveling can bring a whole new level of stress. I will admit that I spend HOURS researching EVERY aspect of a trip before even booking a ticket or hotel. Flights, gear, weather, hazards, places to play. The list goes on.
I want to create a place where I can share this information with you. Help you with your research and encourage you to travel with (or without) your kids.

So follow along, learn with me. Search through the pages and posts and I find time to share what I have learned.

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4 thoughts on “About the Mom behind the Traveling Toddlers. 

  1. Can’t wait to hear of your tips and tricks and advice.
    Just went to DR with our little Herd.
    It’s awesome discovering the world through our littles eyes.

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