Back on Canadian Terra Firma

As you probably read before sleeping at home was a trick and a half.  Getting the kids (and us) back on schedule was no laughing matter.  It took WEEKS to adjust back to Canada time.

We did have distractions though.

Granny (my mom) took the time to make Roland’s belated burthday present extra special.

While we were in New Zealand we saw a pedalless puck bike that would be perfect for Roland.

Granny took Roland out to our local bike shop and had him fitted for a brigh green bike and he LOVES it!



Traveling has lest quite the impression on Roland.  It’s all he talk about.  When is the next trip? When do we get to go back on the camper?  When is the next plane ride?


In lue of a formal birthday party for Roland, our wonderful family and friend got together and threw us a welcome home party.  It was especially wonderful since I didn’t have to do anything.


Time to go back to regular lift for a while.

Maternity leave will be over soon and I will go back to my “regular job”.  Only question is where will our next trip be?



Thank you everyone for following along our crazy long journey.  It;s been a blast and something I would recommend to everyone with or without kids.

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