Jet Planes and Jet Lag

Well, we are home. It took 30 hours of travel (thanks to the addition of a long flight delay) and we are pooped!


Despite the hangrey meltdown by both kids, we made it safely back to our home.

Here is where true toddlerhood kicked it up a notch.

When he saw his kitties and then his toys he was in overdrive happiness!



The thought of food or sleep washed out the window and he was AWAKE!

We did manage to get everyone to sleep for a few hours before ordering delivery for “dinner”

Simply too tired both kids were in bed at a respectable 8pm!!

I was so excited!  Thinking “maybe we will get a leg up on this Jet Lag thing…” famous last words I had to eat, along with “breakfast” at 3 am with EVERYONE AWAKE.


By 7 am we were hungry again and wanted out of the house.

Off we went to good old McD’s for cheep and fast “lunch” aka “Second Breakfast”
Well thank goodness we got home in one price and no one drove on the wrong side of the road.  Both Roland and Scarlet went down for a nap. Hubby and I soon followed suit.

I thought to myself. I should set an alarm so we don’t sleep too long.


5 hours later, we got up.

And so the story goes and will likely continue for the next few days.


The flights themselves were actually rather non eventful.

The 12 hour flight from New Zealand to LA had a late dinner and both kids did fall asleep eventually. (As hard as I try I just cannot sleep sitting up).

Big win for me was watching a whole movie!!! Followed by some predownloaded Netflix!!!


Scarlet got a bassinet on the wall. If you prebook your seats with the airline you can often get the row close to a wall. Here you can get a bassinet that attaches to the wall. Baby can sleep laying down and you can ave ads and hand free for a little while.

As an added bonus, you get extra leg room!!!


Once in LA we cleared customs and rechecked our bags. We then made a quick call to Travelogue to book a day room. $88 USD got us a room until 8pm!  As we walked over the the shuttle area our little bus was right there. No waiting at all!!

I was truly exhausted. Like, I cannot adult today. Dan your on your own. You got the kids. I’m sleeping NOW. Kinda tired.

Roland insisted on sleeping with Scarlet and I and soon all were resting for a few hours.

We grabbed Denny’s for dinner, repacked our bags for the next plane ride and headed back to the airport.
This is where things went a little different than planned.
As we passed through security, Dan overheard an announcement about a time change for a flight headed to Toronto.

Our original departure was 10:30pm. Now? 1:55am. If we’re lucky.


This means we have A LOT of time to kill with two little ones.

We walked, played, ate, made new friends, ate again, walked Scarlet to sleep, on and on and on.


Finally onboard the plane everyone is exhausted. Dan and Roland sat in a row behind Scarlet and I. My seat mate arrived and instantly had one of those looks of “Awe Crap, I Got The Seat Beside The Baby!!!”

I assured him she was a good flyer (hoping not to jinks myself) and Scarlet happily put out her charming smiles for everyone to see.

Sure enough, the moment that plane took off she fell asleep. She slept the full 5 hour trip and woke up as the plane landed!!!

How’s that for good traveling!!
Roland had it a bit harder. He wanted some screen time and we don’t argue with that on the plane. He, however, will not fall asleep if it’s on. So we had to take it away. Make him cry, loose his mind, get mama to cuddle him and off to sleep he went.

He also woke up about the same way. Crying. Unhappy. Inconsolable and confused. We finally got him to look at my phone and settle down enough to finish waking up. Poor kid.

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