Roland’s 3rd Birthday – New Zealand

Today my little boy turns 3 and he says he’s not little anymore.  This independent, stubborn, social and loving kid is becoming a seasoned traveler before most of us have ever been on an airplane.  Travel can be hard on kids.  Long hours sitting in the car, disruption of the routine, new places every day, sleeping in new places, but he is thriving.  Learning new words, eating different foods, seeing new animals and experiencing the world around him in every possible way.  He is learning how to explore and push himself into new and exciting experiences.  This is why I travel with my kids (That and I like doing all those things too.)

Today we decided that the best gift we would give him was time.  Time to play.  Time to swim.  Time to eat.  Time to simply be a kid doing kid things.  That and eat cake.

So, we booked ourselves into the Waitomo Top 10 Holiday Park for two nights and spent the whole (thankfully sunny and warm) day playing and doing whatever Roland wanted.

NZ Day 21

Riding a bike

NZ Day 21

Playing with toys


NZ Day 21

Playing at the park

NZ Day 21

Wearing his new Camera Shirt


NZ Day 21

Getting excited over who know what.

Getting Daddy a coffee and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.

And last but not least.  Eating cake.

NZ Day 21NZ Day 21


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