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Movie Magic in Wellington – New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, is situated at the south end of the North Island.  You can get here by ferry from the South Island, take a plane or drive a car.  There is a vibrant art scene, some movie magic and you can even drive under a mountain!

Consequently, parking is hard to find, expensive and NOT motorhome friendly.


There are some great advertisements around town,  Now this one is for Canadian Club.  It took me a moment to ponder before I got the “Bad Sweater” connection and why they are not “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”

“For Those People Who Complain About Too Much NUDITY In Our Billboards!”  And I’m not quite sure what is with the crowd surfing Fox below.

This is a GIANT gold/bronze Hippo at the Hippopotamus Resturant.

Dan spotted this cool Push Bike.  I think Roland might get one of these when he gets home.

After doing some driving we found this fella hanging around the Weta Workshop Cave.

Yup, that mean ugly guy is a Troll from Lord Of The Rings.  We even had to run away from his friend!

For as little as $25 you can even get a tour of their working studio!  A tip: call to book if the website says the tour is booked full.  They often have spots for people like us who just drop in.

Naturally, they are a little protective of their work and pictures are not allowed inside the workshop.  Another tip:  if you are driving, plan to walk as the street parking is packed!  They also have shuttles that leave from downtown Wellington so you don’t need to find local parking.  visit to see some of their amazing work and to book a tour.


Wellington is host to some pretty amazing things to do but our time was limited.  We decided to head over to the FREE Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa for lunch and some exploration.

While there we learned about local wildlife, New Zealand History, Dinosaurs, Earthquakes (including an Earthquake House simulator), living eco-friendly and so much more.  The second floor of the museum is virtually kid proof and perfect for a handsy toddler to run around like a maniac.

Anatomical in size Blue Whale Heart!

The cafeteria, on the first floor, has great food and a play area.  There are also high chairs and change tables.  Perfect!

Oh yeah, remember the airport I mentioned.  Here is a plane landing, almost on the water.

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