Frans Joseph Glacier – New Zealand

We started off our morning with some silliness and cuddles, the perfect way to start any morning.  I also remembered that Roland had picked out a new stuffie at the roadhouse we ate at yesterday.  He clearly forgot about it so I decided to give it to him still wrapped up.




We are breakfast at “Snakebite” cafe.  Dan and Roland tried some Asian pork dumplings and both approved of it as a breakfast item 🙂

We drove just a few minutes out of town to find the Frans Joseph Glacier walking trails.

We also saw these two girls, who have clearly walked from town, making their way in.  We decided to give them a quick ride the rest of the way to the parking lot (probably saved them a good 30 mins of walking).  One was from England and the other from Ottawa! (Not too far from home).

NZ Day 12

The start of the path we work was well groomed but we knew that would change and there was no way we would actually walk up to the glacier.

NZ Day 12

Here is a little knowledge for you about Franz Joseph.`

NZ Day 12NZ Day 12

We walked as far as these waterfalls.  The water was so clear and clean you could drink it right our of the stream.  The weather has also turned rather warm on us (a whole 16C!)

NZ Day 12


As he headed back to the car Roland did his best to walk the whole way but clearly tired he was whisked up by daddy for most of it.

It sure didn’t take long for him to fall asleep with snack still in hand! (cheese and carrots!)

NZ Day 12

Driving towards Greymouth we saw evidence of current and past gold mining towns.  Many of the gold rushes in New Zealand have been long ago and short lived.

NZ Day 12

Mining Turck

NZ Day 12

More Mining Machinery.


The rivers here are so wide and blue.  The flat lands well utilized for farming. The mountains jut up and are covered in green.

NZ Day 12NZ Day 12NZ Day 12NZ Day 12NZ Day 12

The roads often make sharp turns.  We often drive beside the road while still on the road.

NZ Day 12

Now, this is something special.  I have never seen this before.  A roundabout WITH a train track running through it!

We also had the unique pleasure of being detoured due to construction, onto a train bridge.  Yup.  The currently used train bridge.


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