Queenstown – New Zealand

Once a sheepherding town turned gold rush, now hosts thousands of visitors each day.  With the average stay of 3 nights, that’s a lot of people coming and going out of this mountainside town.

Situated on  Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by snowcapped mountains such as the remarkable, people flock to this area for skiing, fishing, hiking and jumping off of and out of various things.

We stayed two nights at Creeksyde (Queenstown Holiday Park & Motel Creeksyde)


NZ Day 11

There are so many large trees on the property.NZ Day 11

NZ Day 11

I just love this little wishing well they use for drinking water.  It is a very eco-friendly place.

NZ Day 11


This is a boiler.  Placed right in the middle of the main building.  It is covered in beautiful and interesting graffiti.  It was originally used for fire suppression back in the sheepherding days of the town.

NZ Day 11NZ Day 11


We took some time to wander around town by foot and we saw why people love this town.

From good coffee to Orange and Basil Sherbert, the food is wonderful and varied.  Something for everyone.

We hit the marina and admired the shark boat (know to make people vomit) but decided on the more gentle cruise with one of the several companies down here.  We hopped on with Million Dollar Cruses


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Roland took these two photos of our fellow passengers.

With lunch on the docket, we headed for another walk around town.  Roland is not always the best-behaved kid so we thought it a good idea to leave him in the stocks for a little while. JK.

NZ Day 10

We headed up the hill towards the Gondola with the plan to eat at the top with a view (assuming the clouds would finally go away)

We were greeted by this “little fellow”.  How would you like to drive around with this guy on your car!

NZ Day 10

Roland is really getting into the idea of having his picture taken in various places.  He loves saying “CHEESE” with the biggest goofiest grin on his face!

NZ Day 10

At the top of the Skyview Gondola, you will find a restaurant ($55/adult for a buffet) and (thankfully) a cafe with various things you can eat.  There is even a play area for kids.  You will find a typical souvenir shop and even JellyBellys both for sale and on the walls as art.


NZ Day 10

A view from the top

NZ Day 10

Looking Down on Queenstown

NZ Day 10

They like to jump off things around here.  It’s a drop and a view you will never forget.

At the top, you can also find this.

NZ Day 10

Luge Chair Lift

They will let you even take your toddler on this to get to the top and ride your way back down.  That’s 1.6km of GRAVITY-FUELLED FUN.  And, He Loved It!  (I was so scared with him on my lap on that chair lift though!)


These are the Remarkables.  You can see why they named them so.

NZ Day 10

There is plenty more to see and do in this town but we need to keep moving.  We found it better to pay for an extra night so we could walk the town, rather than drive and look for parking.  There is the feeling of a ski town to me.  A lot of focus on the outdoor and extreme activities with a younger crowd.   (took a while to even find a change table, there is one in the Mall near McDonald’s)

For now, we head off towards the west coast.

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