Invercargill, New Zealand

While we were headed from Dunedin to Milford Sound we decided it was worth the extra time to head to the very south of New Zealand and hit Invercargill. (Yes, I know there is Scott Island but mainland wise there is Invercargill and Bluff).

Our day started off Cold and Wet.  In fact, it was so cold you could see snow at the higher elevations.

NZ Day 6

This was our drive as we got out of town.

As much as I do not like snow (I would rather be somewhere tropical) it does look very pretty!

NZ Day 6NZ Day 6NZ Day 6NZ Day 6

Occasionally snack and meal times need to happen on the go.  Here are the kids enjoying some food.  See that look on Roland’s face?  He loves those pouches.  In fact, he calls them “Fruit Couch”  Scarlet is giving me the look of “Please don’t leave me alone with him!”

NZ 6_0008.jpg

Roland also loves when we drive over a bridge ) I think it is something we can all point out and yell “BRIDGE!”



Thankfully things did clear up for us and we were given some spectacular views.

NZ Day 6NZ Day 6

Roland finally fell asleep on our drive just as we arrived in Invercargill.  Go figure.

I know he will wake as soon as we stop driving but I truly don’t have a clue what to do in this town.  We made a quick stop at the information center (The only useful thing to ever happen at a place called “Queens Park”) and off we went to Chipmunks.

NZ 6_0011.jpg

Roland was so excited to get in the door of this place that he barely took the time to remove his coat and boots.!


NZ Day 6

Scarlet got in some good crawling time too.  This kid is on the move!


Dan tried to turn the table with Roland today.


With play time over we headed to another place to stay the night.

We were greeted by several friendly ducks and other various water fouls.

I tried a new fruit…


Sadly it looks like we might be in for some more of the same weather over the next few days.


NZ Day 6

Weather in New Zealand, where you need to know what altitude you live in…

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