Bluff – South Island, New Zealand

We slept in today.  I am amazed it is so late.  Usually, we have one of two kids waking us up at 7 am.  I don’t know what woke us up but this is what we saw at 8:23 this morning.


Scarlet has definitely learned how to crawl over top of those cushions on her own.  Time to invent the next barrier to separate those two.

I think the ducks can be credited to the quiet toddler this morning.  You can see him looking out the window.  There are 4 large ducks hanging around the camp kitchen hoping for a free meal.


In fact, it might have been the ducks that wake us up “QUACK QUACK QUACK”

Roland said we need to investigate these quacking birds a little further.

After completing a few necessary “to do” items in town we decided to head out to Bluff.


We drove south.  We drove as far south as we possibly could.  The only way to drive any further south is in a submarine.

There are no roads south of here unless you count the roads in Antarctica.

The town had an old world feel to it.  Bluff claims to be the first European settlement in New Zealand. (PersevePerseverance arriving in 1813) As a deep water port, Bluff is quite a busy place. It’s known for its aluminum smelter and oil explorations. We missed their annual oyster festival by one day.

IMG_8965We were really surprised to find out about how much meat is exported from this place. There are thousands of cows and sheep everywhere, but there are also thousands of deer being farmed on the way to Bluff. There are refrigerated shipping containers for the ships to carry frozen beef, venison, and lamb to faraway markets. Not to mention fish, and oysters too.


I recommend making at least two stops while you are exploring the town.  There is a look-out on Bluff Hill (870 ft high) and the terminus of the peninsula, Stirling Point.

Bluff Hill is a steep drive and at the top, you will be greeted with spectacular views.



Everything we have ever know is to the north of us.




Looking South, places we have yet to go.

The hill is topped with a spiral walkway that will take you through some of New Zealand’s History.




Headed from Bluff Hill to the end of the road at Sterling Point there are a few things to keep in mind.



Glad I know how to get up Bluff Hill!



With beautiful ocean views and a few places to park, it is a wonderful place to get out and stretch your legs.  There is even a short ocean trail.


There was this interesting area out in the water where you could see allot of waves breaking.  After staring at it for a while I began to notice that some of the waves were actually going in different directions.  They would crash into each other and that was a large part of the turbulence I could see.  I’m still not sure what was causing it.



After Bluff, we headed toward Milford Sound. I know we won’t make it there today, so we took our time and enjoyed the views along the way.



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