A world of chocolate and breathtaking driving – Dunedin, New Zealand

Straight off the hop, we headed for Cadbury World this morning, it is never too early for chocolate!

We got ourselves booked into the 11 o’clock tour and quickly found out that we couldn’t take any pictures for you to see.  Why? It’s not what you think.  It’s not about secrets.  Apparently, too many people have dropped their phones and had them shatter.  Since this is a working factory they would then need to close down the area to have it cleaned properly!  NZ Day 5

That’s right, this is a tour of the actual working factory.  We did not see any production lines.  Frankly, I think we just walked through shared hallways.  We did, however, get ALOT of chocolate.  Every time we entered a new room we had more chocolate to put into our goodie bags!  Roland LOVED this idea, much like Halloween.

NZ Day 5

There is a small museum area.  Roland loved waiting for the horse and cart to come around the corner and would stand there forever watching it.

Here you can learn about the origins of chocolate and the history of Cadbury as well.

NZ Day 5NZ Day 5NZ Day 5

There is a small shop and cafe attached to the factory and, naturally, I may have also bought a little too much chocolate to bring home…

While at Cadbury we learned that we have never tried ANY of their New Zealand favourites and that they have this incredible fundraiser where they let loose thousands of giant candy-coated chocolate balls, a large version of their Jaffa candy.  They drop these sweet treats down the worlds steepest street.

Naturally, we had to go see this street.

So after that happened we had to go find more scary roads to go on.

Now this in an OCEAN ROAD, you cannot get any closer without going for a swim.

NZ Day 5

Oh, and did I mention the crazy wind!  So strong it is literally picking up the water and turning it into spray.

NZ Day 5

It was spectacular and we had a purpose.

NZ Day 5NZ Day 5NZ Day 5NZ Day 5NZ Day 5NZ Day 5NZ Day 5NZ Day 5

Our purpose

NZ Day 5

We drove all the way to the end of the road where we found the Royal Albatros Centre.  It is also just past the Yellow Eyed Penguin place (Where I had intended on heading)

Did I mention the wind?

We got the kid inside (Roland has a thing about wind.  He doesn’t like it.  Not one bit.

We decided against the tour to see the nesting baby albatross and I just went for a walk.  Although beautiful, I did not see any big birds.  There are also little blue penguins that come in at dusk but there is a storm coming in and I just don’t want to drive that road in the dark with wind and wet.  No thanks. We even decided not to go see the Yellow-eyed Penguins either.

NZ Day 5

As Scarlet crawls around on the floor, she quickly gathers a fan base of other travelers who don’t speak English.  I have noticed both my kids garner quite a bit of attention from other cultures who are visiting here and they both love the attention. NZ Day 5NZ Day 5

This is the storm that I saw coming.

NZ Day 5

We had trouble getting the door to the camper closed, the wind was that strong.

Dan did see this on the way back and had to grab a picture.

With a quick search on Camper Mate, we chose a new place to stay the night, the Dunedin Holiday Park.  Still raining and crazy wind, driving through town, Roland pipes up about an ambulance.  We can’t see one or hear one so we start trying to figure out what he could be hearing that would make him think of an ambulance.  (even with the window rolled down we didn’t hear anything.

But sure enough, about 30 seconds later we heard the fire trucks coming from behind.

Now tell me, how can this kid hear a siren from that far away and yet not hear his name being called from across the table.

NZ Day 5

As we call it a night, Dan is reminded why it is best to shop at supermarkets and not little stores of convenience.  That’s $2 for 300ml!

Tomorrow we start our two plus day drive to Milford Sound.

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