gIANT rOUND rOCKS – New Zealand

We found $5 BREAKFAST and if you have any idea how much we have been spending on food you will know why we are so excited!  Not only was the food cheap, the coffee had a great kick. the food was delicious, staff was awesome and there were even toys for kids to play with.

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The Village Cafe in Timaru definitely gets thumbs up from us!  It’s in a little plaza with a grocery and a few other shops, including a pharmacy and post office.

As I was chatting with another mom with a baby, Roland comes running in with a new hat. the kind to which I responded, “Well I KNOW you Daddy didn’t buy that one for you…”  Of he went and returned two more times with different hats.  We bought this one.

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Whenever we leave in the morning we have a plan of where we want to go and what we plan on doing. Sometimes, however, we like to take detours on our way and if we are lucky we find some pretty spectacular things…

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We have mountains on one side…

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and ocean on the other.

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They have coloured “marshmallows”

Our goal, today, was to drive from Timaru to Dunedin but we saw a giant sign for the Steampunk HQ and through that might just be a worthwhile drive-by.

It was.  The cafe on the water was also worth a stop.

There are always signs pointing out historical markers, points of interest and memorials.

Dan through he saw “Memorial Boulders” and off we went to see what exactly a “memorial boulder was”.  Dan tells it like this.  “Well you see,  a ship sunk and crashed into a bunch of rocks and they died.  So the other rocks got together and built these boulders to remember that tragic day…” or something like that.  If you know Dan, this makes sense…

I also got Scarlet a new bib!

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Dan had a great time finding interesting signs.

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We made it to our destination of Dunedin at a respectable 3:30.  We headed straight for the Cadbury Factory to go on a tour but missed the last showing.  So, we simply asked what next? and were guided to the Train Station around the corner.  Naturally, Roland had lots of fun looking around.  The building itself is stunning.  Opened in 1906 it was the busiest station in all of New Zealand.  At it’s busiest it was doing up to 100 trains a day!  The architect earned the nickname of “Gingerbread Gorge” for the ornate look.  The tile work inside is equally as beautiful as the outside.  Considered one of the worlds 200 must see places, we agree.

I also spotted this old house and if you know me personally you will know why I was so excited to see it.

NZ  4

We have checked into a Top10 holiday park here in town and Dan saw “heated Pool”

We had fun but we were still cold.  It’s dark and raining tonight too.


Tomorrow we will go back to Cadbury and try to see some penguins aswell.

Oh and we cant forget to add this one in for you.

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