Antartic Center – Christchurch, New Zealand

Today we pick up our new camper and we still need to name this one.  Our last campervan was called “The Beast”  Any suggestions for this one?

I left Dan and the kids after a rushed breakfast.  Hopped in a cab and was off to Maui.  Where I waited. And Waited.  So I thought I would put the time to good use and called home to Mom.  It’s hard keeping in touch with family.  The time difference limits the hours we are all awake and I find those hours are when we are busy packing up to get going or already on the road.

So, a brief few words with mom and sure enough it’s my turn.  Oh well, next time Mom. (P.S. Happy Mother’s Day)

While I enjoyed a few moments of solitude Dan was out with both kids having some fun.

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In Australia, you can go pretty far rather fast and we know New Zealand is going to be different.  Any guesses on how many kilometers we can drive in 4 weeks?

Here’s our start kilometers

NZ 2

After picking up this motorhome I headed back to the Central Business District to get the rest of the fam.  We headed off to grab a few quick items of food (mostly for baby Scarlet and coffee for Dan). Our intended destination is the Antartic Centre.

NZ 2

This “COOL” place is part museum part playground for most ages.

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Plan to spend a good half day here as there is a lot to see and do.

The best ages are 2 and older so you can take advantage of all the different activities (under 2 cannot ride the HAGGLUND RIDE )

NZ 2

When you purchase your tickets the staff will map out the best times to see the various different attractions including Hagglund Ride, 4D movies, Blue Penguin feeding, and Artic Storm simulator.

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After getting a nice warm winter coat and some booties on you can head into the -8C snow filled room.  After 5 minutes they turn on the simulator that makes a windchill of -18C.  It is dark, loud and cold and not suited for everyone.  There is an igloo to hide in and a few other sport to get away from the wind but the noise can be scary for little ones.  And no, Dan did not wear a coat.

NZ 2

This, of course, is nowhere near the actual cold the research teams are experiencing at the moment.

NZ 2NZ 2

The center is home to several rescued little blue penguins.  Several have had various injuries and could not otherwise survive.

NZ 2NZ 2

The HAGGLUND RIDE takes you for a spin in the same vehicles that are used in the antarctic.  The ride showcases what it is capable of, crossing 1-meter gaps, driving through water, up and down hills and such.  It’s bumpy and can be scary for some little ones.

There are plenty of other spaces to explore inside as well with a wealth of knowledge everywhere you look.  Lots of things to touch and climb on too.

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With all these things to see and do, don’t forget to take a break.

There is a cafe-restaurant located on site and a gift shop to browse.

We had a lot of fun here and it is a must see in our opinion.

As it was getting late we simply grabbed Burger King and plunked ourselves down in the nearest caravan park for the night.

Despite not leaving Christchurch we still managed to drive 69 km today.

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