Australia Day 40 –

Day 40


This morning was started with a quick ocean side photo shoot.

Scarlet is now 8 months old.  She was just about 1 month old when we started to plan this trip and now we are here. Living life on our terms!

We are so glad we skipped the main highway or the slower route that takes us through so many small towns.

We are in Eden today and with the advice of the local park staff, we have headed into town for some breakfast.


Day 40

Growing Boys need a good breakfast!


The Big Breakfast at Wharfside Cafe.



Day 40

Australian Bush Truck

Do you see the black thing on the front of this truck?  It’s a snorkel so it can breath when driving the flooded roads.  Crazy. And they are everywhere.

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We rounded out our drive with more breathtaking scenery and finished our drive in Kiama, a wonderful and beautiful Ocean town.

358 km today.  We are now just about 2 hours from Sydney where we will drop off our camper and stay one night in a hotel.  Tomorrow, Dan has booked me a 1-hour massage too!! Happy Mothers day and Happy anniversary to me 🙂


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