Australia Day 38 – The last leg of Tasmania

We woke to some pretty spectacular views.  Located in the old copper mining town of Queenstown.  We had arrived after dark last night and it was spectacular driving (this is the nice way of say SCARRY as you know what going down a mountain in the dark with a cliff on one side)


Fog.  That was all we could see of the mountains.  Fog, or perhaps we could even call them clouds.  A quick drive around town was all we did and we hit the road with the plan to stop for lunch along the way.

The harbour-side town of Strahan has a long and interesting history including Sarah Island and The Ship that Never Was

We found a nice little spot to have some lunch looking at the boats.

We had a boat to catch so we did not get the opportunity to stay and explore.  It looks like a fascinating place to spend a few days.

Our drive is always interesting.  We have seen all sorts of farming, forests, lakes, rivers, ocean and industries like fishing, forestry, and mining.

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And then there is the construction.  I have often complained about the construction at home but we have seen more equipment on the roads of Australia than my whole life combined.  Roland loves it!

Day 38

This was a two for one picture of the fire truck and the construction!

This is all made up for by the amazing sights.

Day 38Day 38Day 38Day 38Day 38


This drive was mainly forest so it was such a relief to me when I saw the ocean again.  I even said to Dan how it made me feel was similar to when I arrive at the cottage.  There is this sense of relief that is only provided by looking at a large open body of water.  For me, there is nothing else.

Day 38Day 38Day 38Day 38

We were treated to some spectacular ocean driving before arriving in Devonport for our Ferry home.

There was no shortage of amusement as we waited in line to board the ferry.

There was going to be a Boat on the Boat and a Car on a Car on the Boat

Day 38

Day 38

And you don’t want to forget The Jolly Lolly Trolly!

As we say goodbye to Tasmania it is bittersweet.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this unique state and I wish we had longer to explore the area.  I am. however, excited to know that we are one step closer to New Zealand and all the new experiences we will have there.

Day 38Day 38

Day 38Day 38Day 38Day 38

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