Australia Day 36 – Up and Up we go

Tasmania, no doubt, inspires images of devils, platypus, and other odd creatures.  For many is also conjures images of rugged mountains.  Of this, they are in no short supply.

We woke in Hobart.  Having arrived at our campsite, yet again, in the dark, we had no concept of just where we were.

What a view! We had no idea.

While we were at the zoo in Sydney we casually chatted with a Dad in the platypus house.  He was from Tasmania and happened to work as a breakfast chef at a downtown hotel in Hobart.  Since we were in Hoart be headed to his hotel and ate.  Dan even dropped off a dime (thin only Canadian change we happen to have) as a way of saying “Hello from Canada”

Day 36

The boats downtown Hobart make me think of Toronto.

It was made clear (by Roland) that Roland needed some play time.  A quick search revealed a play place that looked like a TON OF FUN and Scarlet could even get a chance to goof around.

Yup, still serving coffee!

Dan had been doing some reading and suggested that head up Mt. Wellington.

Day 36

So up we went.

Day 36

And up.

Day 36

And up, into the clouds.

Day 36

You could barely distinguish the houses and you were driving right on the edge of a cliff.

Day 36Day 36

The clouds quickly clouded any chance of seeing Hobart.   There was also snow.

Day 36

There is a wonderful observatory to stand in.  It has some great information too.

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In case all this snow, clouds, wind records and shelter hasn’t convinced you of the crazy weather you should check out this video.  Oh and turn on the CC close caption, it’s funnier.


It didn’t take long for the clouds to clear once we started heading down.

Day 36

Day 36

There are people who bike up here.  It’s 4,170 feet high.  yeah.  insane.  

Day 36Day 36Day 36


While we were at the top I spoke to a bus driver.  He drives a large coach bus up and down this mountain.  We weren’t even sure we should take “The Beast” our motorhome up until we saw that!  He told us that the mountain has actually been closed for the last few days due to wind and snow/ice.  It was even closed at 10 this morning.  We really lucked out with our timing on this one.

Day 36

Back down at ground level, things are much more flowery.


We found the obligatory fire hall (built in 1911 is actually pretty cool though)

Day 36

And spotted an Ambulance

Day 36


We even saw this guy on the way out of town (By the way, this is called a UTE and they are EVERYWHERE)

Day 36


We have driven to New Norfolk and done more grocery shopping and landed ourselves a little spot to camp for the night.

We drove 105 km today and tomorrow we will head for the west side of Tasmania where even more mountains will rise up on our path back to Devonport.

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