The Great Ocean Road – Australia’s South Coast


We have made it to The Great Ocean Road!

“The Great Ocean Road is a permanent memorial to those who died while fighting in World War I, carved in rock, it winds around the rugged southern coast. Built by returned servicemen it was a huge engineering feat ending decades of isolation for Lorne and other coastal communities.” (

We spent just two days exploring the area but one could easily spend weeks, visiting each town, swimming and surfing the beached, whale watching and of course eating at all the fantastic cafes and restaurants.

There are plenty of places for little ones to play.

The caravan parks are great too.

Day 30 of our Australia trip had us drive 183 km from Warrnambool and stopped in Apollo Bay.

The day was cool and windy.  It had rained overnight and, to Roland’s delight, there were lots of puddles in the morning!

We explored Warrnambool first by heading to the water’s edge and hitting the local playground.  I made sure to hit the local gym too!

We took a quick trip to the beach.

Dan managed to see a fox try and catch a bird.

The thing leapt out of the bushes we had just walk past a few minuted before.  We had no IDEA it was even there!

This was just too much fun!

We still love chatting with whoever we find.  This fantastic couple gave us some places to visit in Tasmania, where they had just returned from.

Once on the road for the day we quickly found that the Great Ocean Road was not what we were thinking.

I think of a road, beside the ocean.  What I didn’t expect was hair pin turns, mountain cliffs and stunning mountain views

We made a point of stopping at each picture taking area that we thought we could fit.

The Grotto

London Bridge

The most iconic one is the 12 Apostles.  It was packed!  There were a dozen tour buses, plus campers, plus cars, plus, plus, plus…you get the idea.  It was packed.

It was late afternoon by the time we arrived and I have to say MORNING would have been better for any picture taking.

We still had fun and the wind was still ripping strong.

This is my attempt to videotape the drive out the window.  Two problems.  One: It was the Drivers side of the motorhome. Two: I didn’t have tape…

Day 30Day 30




We tried so hard to write in the sand.  Dan’s first attempts were irradiated by the waves before finishing and Baby Godzilla did the work on the rest of the attempts.


Day 31 completed the Great Ocean Road.

Driving from Apollo Bay to Melbourne Port was 218km

We saw much more of what we expected out of The Great Ocean Road.  We even saw several people surfing in the 10C weather.

Day 31

It was getting cold enough I needed to buy Scarlet something to wear.  I had been hoping to wait until New Zealand but Fall/Winter has started to show up here in Australia.

On our journeys, we saw some impressive road work and some rather concerningly unstable rock walls.

Day 31

Cliff walls with rocks that could fall at any time!

Our drive was completed by hopping on the M1.  This road is such a start contrast to the last few weeks.  Multi-lane and TRAFFIC.  We haven’t seen this many cars since Townsville on the East Coast!

Melbourne is sporting a new skyline and the bridge is massive!


Day 31

no, this is not the new skyline


Now to board the Spirit of Tasmania and start the next chapter of Australia!

Day 31

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