Australia Day 29 – Don’t trust the GPS

First I would like to say the internet has been doggie at best.  As we leave the town of Keith I simply put our destination into the GPS and go.  Apparently I need to stop putting my faith in this machine.  It gives you the “fastest“ route possible.

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It thinks we are in a car, I guess, because it sent us on some WILD roads.  100 km/h and one lane.  One lane means one lane for both directions of traffic, around corners or up and down mountains.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  The views are spectacular!!!!  We love driving the country but I was getting a little nervous.

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We keep finding things that remind us of home.

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A street name

Day 29 102

A visit to the cottage…

We finally found ourselves in the town of Hamilton and directed ourselves to the nearest Information Centre.  Thank goodness we did.  I had my information all wrong.  We were headed for part of the Great Ocean Road but we would have missed some great spots.  The kind lady working there directed us on a great road (two lanes!) straight south into the village of Port Fairy and then onto Warrnambool where we had an excellent dinner at Bojangles and stayed the night at Figtree Resort.

On our drive between the two towns, we FINALLY saw some wild Kangaroos!!!!!!!!  Dan spotted them in a field of cows and we may have made a few motorists unhappy when we quickly stopped to take pictures (we weren’t the only ones who stopped here though)

Day 29 127

We drove 410 km today.  As I think about this distance my first impression is how little that is.  We have had a few days now where we drove over 700 km.  Yet, in the beginning of this trip we could only muster about 300 km in a day and that felt like a total stretch to make it that far!  It is amazing how one adapts.

After getting parked (not an easy thing to do with this beast and the tight spaces we find) Dan says to me: Get your things and go swimming.  This is “Marriage material”.  The heated indoor pool and spa was just FANTASTIC!  I had a great swim and another traveller even put a dollar into the spa so I could enjoy the bubbles.  He and his partner had never been in a hot tub/spa before and just LOVED it.

Feeling refreshed and ready to go Dan texted me and said Scarlet was sleeping but Roland was still rolling around a bit.  Stay away awhile longer.  Even more reason I married this wonderful man.

The park is packed tonight.  Apparently, there is some horse racing events going on all week and most places are booked solid.  We lucked out in getting a spot at the campground tonight.  Most of the kitchens and dining areas were busy with people chatting and watching TV but the Games Room was empty and relatively quiet too.

So here I sit typing away and editing pictures and I still can’t believe it has been almost one month since we left home.  And look how far south we are now!!!!

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