Australia Day 28 – Days are blurring together.


The days are starting to blur a bit.  We are driving like mad people to get to Melbourne, where we will board a ferry to Tasmania.  The trip is already booked and we must get to the boat by 5 o’clock on May 3.  No choice.  Dan says, “don’t worry, we will make it there on time.  Even if YOU have to drive ALL night”  Yeah, thanks Dan.

Day 28 08

We took the time to enjoy a pancake breakfast held by the staff at the Big4 Holiday park in Port Agusta.  Great big fluffy pancakes with everything from Nutella to Whipped cream and everything in between.  It was great to see all these folks getting together and chatting about travel, where is home ect.  It also worked out that all the kids seamed to commandeer a table in the cooking kitchen and sat together (not a planned idea at all)

It took a little longer than usual getting out of town.  I had planned on getting going by 10 at the latest.  Well all good plans, something, something, something, never work when you have kids or something like that.

We left the park by 10:30 and I though, OK not bad.  Then we needed gas.  Then we needed a grocery store.  Then the one I picked at random was actually a gas station “express store”, Then Roland came grocery shopping.

So now it’s 1 o’clock and we need to eat.  So PB&J plus other odds and ends made lunch right there on the side of the road.

We have officially left the Bush and the Outback.  We are in costal mountain areas now.

Day 28 10

There are still plenty of sheep and cows but they all have fences now.  There is also wheat and the area is known as the wheat belt.  The industry has also turned to lead, silver, copper and gold refining.

Sometimes we think we are big, not truck big obviously, but big.  Then we see things liked this boat.

Day 28 09

And we had to pull over for this!

That, by the way, was the sound of Roland waking up from a deep sleep at a very bad time.  How was it a bad time?  Well, he FREAKED OUT like I have never seen before.  It was like he was waking up confused and scared with no understanding or reason.  It took a long time to get him calm again.  It was a battle like dealing with excited delirium!

We did stop for dinner.  It allowed Roland to get out and play and let us take a break from driving.  We ate at Maccas in Adelaide and decided that we could make it a few hundred km before calling it quits.

546 km in total and we find ourselves in the small town of Keith.

From here we have decided to drive The Great Ocean Road and hope to make it to the start tomorrow (some 300 or 400 km away, I’m not quite sure where we will pick it up yet)


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