Australia Day 26 – Entering South Australia

Today ended our time in Uluru.


We quickly packed up and headed back onto the road. Our destination was to be the state of South Australia.


Day 26 30

This landscape, like the rest, is vast. Big. Goes on forever.

Day 26 20

Day 26 17

My sister, Barb had shared this video with me.  One from “Great Big Story”, about a town in South Australia where a large portion of it was built underground, blasted into the rock.  I quickly looked it up on the map and saw it was right on our path!

Day 26 31

The town is Coper Purdy and they mine Opal, but more on that later.

Our hotel of choice was, of course, The Underground Hotel.

Built into the side of a hill, it couldn’t have been more perfect.  Only 6 rooms or so and we were number 5 staying the night.

With us were a family similar to ours with two young children, a couple visiting aging parents and a fellow who drives a Google Street View car. (BTW he drives at normal speed even when the camera is running, I asked)


Sharyn was wonderful enough to offer and take our picture – a rare occurrence.

Day 26 49

Dan and I are busy working while the kids are sleeping.

Day 26 47



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