Day 23 – The Road to Uluru

If you find yourself, Alice Springs, you no doubt are heading to or from Uluru or Ayers Rock.

If you have flown in you might even thing they must be close together, since Alice Springs is the closest large town to the well know monument.

It’s not.  It took us 458 km and all day to drive.  It would have take us 45 minutes to fly.  I think next time (HA!) we will fly.


Of course, before leaving town we needed to play at the park, change our linen at the local Maui Branch, find a bank and find a grocery store.

We also found St. John Ambulance!!!


And honourable mention to the fire hall because it was next door and Dan made me take a picture.


We have noticed all sorts of abandoned cars on the side of the road.  We’ve seen it everywhere.  I suppose it is cheaper to leave the car and buy a new one than it is to pay for a tow for a few hundred or so km and the cost of the repair, not to mention the days it will take you to walk or find someone to help you on some of these roads.

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Gas stations are another thing.  Few and far between, they are a MUST visit.  That or you run out of gas.  We find that we hit about ½ tank just as we see the first gas station in hours.


Day 22 (104)

And the cost of gas just keeps going up!



Many gas stations also serve as a restaurant/hotel/caravan park.  This gas station had and Emu farm too.


I still find our drives interesting.  The landscape changes drastically so often.

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Surprisingly this is the first time we have see this sign.  Also surprisingly we are hundreds of kilometres out of any location that a tourist may have come from.




As we approached the tourist town of Yulara we caught our fist glimpse of Uluru.










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