Australia Day 22 – The long drive to Alice Springs

It was a long day of driving.  period. End of story.

Well, not end of story, more like just the beginning.  Yes, we drove 717 km but there was so much to see along the way.

Day 22 (3)

Dan was overjoyed with the bacon he got at breakfast!!

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Roland and I got to do some more running around the Barklay Homestead.  I just loved the birds they have!


Day 22 (104)

And just when we through Gas couldn’t get any more expensive too.


Day 22 (6)

We didn’t make it far before hitting some construction.  I do, however, like the stop light with the countdown on it.  That, by the way, is minutes.

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Our drive, as always, was ever changing and filled with endless blue skies.



I have started to notice these in the rest areas.  So today I investigated and they are cell phone signal boosters!  How fantastic is that! (didn’t work for my phone, however ;( )

We do our best to get Roland out and running around as often as we need to stop.  Today he just wanted to stand on the fire pit. ;/

Day 22 (11)

We have seen all sorts of abandoned cars all over the country.  It must be too expensive to tow and service when you break down far from town.  These cars were actually at a gas station and have certainly seen better days.

Day 22 (39)


We had to wonderful opportunity to see a very small portion of The Devil’s Marbles from the road.  These huge boulders are just sitting there.  Placed among the hills and valleys like a giant’s game of marbles gone wrong.




In case you are wondering, this is the general path we have taken so far.  It is day 22 of 42 days in Australian and we still have so much ground to cover.

There are several ways to get around Australia and driving is certainly one of the longer methods.  We could have flown to each location of interest but I feel that we would be missing so much essence of the country if we had done that.  By driving we have the liberty of making our own schedule and changing it when we see an interesting opportunity (Like Dolphin Feeding in Tin Can Bay).

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