Australia Day 19 –

Distance Driven: 228 km

Steps taken: I give up, the bumps in the car make the FitBit crazy!

Day 19 (1)

I woke to the unmistakable sound of what could have only been hundreds of birds.  The sun was just starting to rise and the air was still cool. There were three distinct sets of birds, one I cannot identify, what I think are cockatoos and the unforgettable crow we all know

too well.   As I walked around, several other people were doing just the same.  Listening to the birds and enjoying the cool air before it gets unbelievably hot.

Day 19 (2)

The morning moon

Hughenden is one of three well know Outback towns associated with Dinosaurs.

Off we went to the Visitors Information Centre who also happen to have a large display.

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Obviously, Roland had a blast.

We made sure to grab som lunch before heading out.  Roland even found another little one to play with.  The Cool thing (pun intended) about this hotel pub was the fans, they mist water to keep you cool!!!

Day 19 (35)

We may have seen a 4 legged one of these in the bar today, lol!

Day 19 (77)

In case you are wondering, this is where we are today.

Today we drove the Dinosaur Way from Hughenden to Winton.  It is 200 km and we had a total of 13 cars pass us and all but 4 waived back.

Much like our prairies in Canada, some people will say there is nothing to see, everything looks the same and they just don’t like to make the drive.

Day 19 (100)

Honest to goodness tumbleweed!

I find the sheer vastness to be compelling and fascinating.  I was not board for a single moment.

Day 19 (96)

There are few roads coming off this main highway and they make sure to mention each town you can access.  The few roads we saw generally came with warnings and 4 wheel drive only.

Day 19 (103)

0ur arrival in Winton was simply hot.  33C (we will laugh at this temperature later) and the locals are talking about how nice and cool the weather is.

Day 19 (140)


The area is comprised of mainly sheep and cow farms.  There is a lot of history with the sheep herding as well.  Another interesting note is that it was originally named Pelican Watering Hole!

Thanks to the local information center we have made our plans for tomorrow and today we will check out a small display on the main street.

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We had a little time before supper so we sat out on the grass at our site for the night.  Scarlet needed her weekly picture and now that she can sit for long enough I can start taking it them in more interesting places!

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Supper was at the pub/hotel across the street.  We were the first to sit in the dining room.  Cool, dark, quite, just what we needed after the stark contrast of today’s drive.

Dan and I have remarked a few times now about how wonderfully chatty everyone is.  Both locals to the places we meet and also fellow travelers.


Day 19 (242)

One of these things is a little more adventurous.


Tonight was no different.  We were joined by a couple who has 12 Grandchildren of their own and they were pleased to be honorary grandparents for our kids, even if only for supper.  Another group, this time made of 4, joined the room as we were finishing up.  That didn’t stop us from bantering back and forth and Scarlet was a hoot.

The man with a beard would do everything to get her to react and smile at him but every time she would first look at me to see how she should react.  She did warm up to him and they had the best time clicking, giggling and babbling back and forth.

Day 19 (186)

Roland took this pictures.  He now knows how to use the shortcut to get to the camera, take single rather than burst photos and then he will show you the photo he took.


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