Australia Day 21 – Crossing Boarders

Today’s story is best told in this video

Day 21 (42)
We started our day in Mt. Isa and Ended our day a full 452Km later at Barkly Homestead. For being out in the middle of nowhere it is quite a busy place. I think it’s like a watering hole or rather an Oasis in the Desert.

Day 22 (15).JPG

Travelers of all kinds gather here to eat, sleep, refresh and most importantly have a human connection with other Road Worriers.
Today was a simple day of wake up, eat, play, drive and this it all we will be doing for the next few days as we travel some 1,200 km to get to Alice Springs and further on to Uluru.

This is the best way to travel!

Day_21__4_(rev 1).jpg

As always, we find interest in the ever-changing landscape and road signs.

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