Australia Day 17 – The last of the coast

Distance Driven: 297 km

Steps taken: 10,759

Day 17 03

Today marks the death of my plans to dive the Great Barrier Reef, more on that later.

I’m a “little” tired this morning.  In fact, I think we are all suffering from a lack of sleep.

Just when you think everything is going smoothly a baby will throw a giant car-sized wrench into EVERYTHING, especially sleep.

I have no idea what happened or why it happened but Scarlet did NOT want to sleep.  Period. End of story. No more sleep. Oh, and do not forget the crying.

According to my FitBit I slept a whopping total of 2 hours and 3 minutes.  I think it was more than that but not by much.

So morning came and we actually got going relatively quickly.  We wanted to hit a local café for breakfast and I had seen a sign for a place called Fat Frog.

Situated right down on the water with a beautiful view, we could see the shipwrecked boats as we parked the camper.

Day 17 02

The rain kept sprinkling down in the on and off showers and the temperature was already climbing way into the high 20’s

At first, I though, walking up to the place, that it might not be kid friendly.  That my noisy children were going to ruin the good morning vibes of those sipping coffee and eating breakfast.  Those precious moments that set the tone of the rest of your day.

I was wrong.  Kids were all over this place and they even had a corner dedicated to toys!  The place was hopping (pun intended HA!).

The food was stellar and beautifully presented (sorry I ate it all before getting a single picture!)

I will say two things about the food we have had in Australia.  1.  The food is EXPENSIVE! 2.  The food is delicious, in fact some of the best food I have ever had.


Before leaving town, we had to try and find Roland’s sunglasses.  The two of us hit the Woolworth’s yesterday and I thought I had grabbed his glasses out of his basket and put them in my pocket.  I can’t find them anywhere and sadly neither can Woolworth’s.

Day 17 09

Our plan today was to drive as far north as we could to try and find some diving.  Here in the Whitsundays, the diving is on hold until they have a chance to assess the conditions (the cyclone really did a number on it) and the dive shops are closed because even their pools are non-functioning (they had trouble getting chemicals and all the debris has created such a swamp).  Although the power is back on there are still tree cutting crews ALL OVER the place.

Day 17 15

As I keep calling places further and further north, it is looking more and more like diving is not going to happen on this trip.  Winds have kicked up along the coast and everyone I call isn’t diving for at least the next 4 days, and at that they aren’t even sure they will be able to.

Day 17 44

So today marks the death of diving the Great Barrier Reef on this tip.  I will just have to come back again. ;p

Day 17 21

Driving north we continue to see more fascinating landscapes.


Day 17 36

Roland Enjoys helping totake pictures


The mountains and hills we are seeing are quite unique.

Day 17 56

They just appear to pop up out of nowhere with so much flat land between.

Day 17 60

The area is known as the Great Divide. These mountains we are seeing in the north are the result of Australia slowly moving across volcanic hot spots.  This has created volcanic plugs, ash domes, and flow remnants.  (

Day 17 24

We stopped in Townsville to get Roland some new sunglasses.  After sitting in the camper for almost 300 KM he was itching to get out and move.  He did well at first.  He’s listening skills were not performing at optimal levels so there was a meltdown when we had to leave the Chill Out Zone.

Day 17 69

With all this, we decided it best to find a place here in town and lucky for us there was a Big4 just down the road.

We always manage to have some fun.

So, now we move onto the next big plan and direction.  Inland or Outback.  Next stop McKinley.

Look it up…


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