Australia Day 16 – Whitsunsays

Airlie Beach, Part of the Whitsundays area, is simply STUNNING.  With warm temperatures, clear blue water and sandy beaches, it is a must-see place if you are on the East coast of Australia.

Day 16 23

Today we took a short walk in downtown Airlie and grabbed a quick bite to eat. The temperatures were rising quickly so shade was a must have on our list.

Day 16 19

Day 16 19

Roland and Dan tried vegemite for the first time.

This is one of my favourate pictures.  It is simple but oh so sweet.

Day 16 21

Sleeping on Daddy

As this whole area has been rocked by Cyclone Debbie, tours of various kinds and accommodations are just now (three weeks after) starting to come back into operation.  The diving, unfortunately, is just not safe and the local dive centers are still not operating.

My hopes have been yet again delayed.  We will need to head further north.  I was hoping to go no further than Townsville but their diving is postponed until at least the weekend simply due to high winds.

Day 16 18

Day 16 18

Roland has become very good at getting the camera to function on my IPhone (with the swipe right shortcut).  He loves to “take pictures” and I guess “knees down” is how I often look to him.

Day 16 13

I know you don’t see much of her so here’s a new Scarlet photo.

We checked into the Big4 Adventures today and I must say the grounds are just stunning (and I can only imagine how they looked BEFORE they got hit by a cyclone!).

Day 16 33

Day 16 33

After we all went for a swim in the 30C heat, it was nap time for everyone.  I took the opportunity to go for a nice long walk around.

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More play was to be had in the afternoon and it was decided that some McD’s was in order.

Thank goodness for powered sites and air conditioning because it was a seriously hot day.  We haven’t even hit the outback yet!  I think we are in for a temperature shock soon!

I will leave you with this silly video of our dinner time fun.

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