Australia Day 15 – What a Beautiful Country

Australia Day 15 – What a Beautiful Country

Distance Driven: 444 km

Steps taken: 8503

Yesterday we bought Roland a Soccer Ball and first thing this morning we headed out to play.  He doesn’t quite get the concept of kicking rather than throwing but were working on it.  I actually got him to kick it back and forth a little bit.

Day 15 (3)

My plan is to head further north to find some diving on the Great Barrier Reef.  Now keeping in mind Cyclone Debbie jut passed through here a few weeks ago and it was a category 4.  So off we drove, 444 km in total.

Day 15 (6)

I have been finding it interesting that we will go from full strength on our phone to nothing at all.  Or rather I assume I can call for help only as this screen shot says “SOS” on it.

Day 15 (2)

We are so out in the middle of nowhere that we frequently see signs telling us how far away the closest ambulance is.  Signs like “Next Ambulance 25 km Back” or something like that.

Day 15 (19)

We also seem to find a lot of abandoned cars.  Not sure what the story is, perhaps it costs too much to tow them away?

The terrain continually changes too.

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We go back and forth from burnt forest, mountains and vast valleys that are cultivated with either cattle or sugar cane.

Day 15 (18)

We even got to see some changing weather today.  The storm must have been heading north because the roads would be wet but we didn’t have rain for most of our drive.

Day 15 (20)

As we got close to McKay we started to see some evidence of Cyclone Debbi but it wasn’t until we were getting close to Airlie Beach (and Proserpine) that her damage became truly felt.

Day 15 (60)

There are signs with thick metal posts that are FLAT on the ground.  Trees with no leaves or fallen down.  Fences, roofs etc. all damages.

Day 15 (32)

I have heard that protons the reef has been greatly affected as well.  Coral destroyed and algae covering the decomposing damage.  This could be disastrous for the Tourism and ecosystem of the area.

Many of the hotels and resorts are still closed due to power outages and damage.

Day 15 (38)

As we drove through Airlie Beach we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly this community has come together to get thins moving.  Although the damage is vast, many places have reopened and the place is filling up quickly.

Day 15 (47)

We found a place to stay for the night and have headed across the street for some supper.

Day 15 (55)


Much to Roland’s delight, there is a playpark for him to get his wiggles out.  The food was 5 star despite the cafeteria like setting and we all went home full.

Oh, and Scarlet learned a new trick while eating dinner tonight.  She can’t stop doing it now that she know how.




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