Australia Day 12 – The Kids Need to Play

Distance Driven: 453 km

Steps Taken: 7,982


Scarlet is now 7 months old.  When we started to plan this adventure she was only 1 month old and how things have changed.

Day 11 -  001

Despite being out on the road and in her carrier, she continues to improve with her sitting, rolling and getting around.  She, of course, is talking more too.  Scarlet loves to sing, especially when she is tired, and has recently added for sounds to her vocals.

Both kids a are adjusting so well to life in the camper.  Simple things like eating and sleeping continue to smooth out.  Every morning both kids wake up around 6 am.  The only reason we know is eventually Roland starts talking to Scarlet loud enough that we wake up.  He will crawl over to her side of the bed, open the blind and start to tell her all about the things he can see.  She happily coos back to him.  It is a beautiful sight and I wish I could get it on camera without disrupting them.

Roland regularly requires running around and lots of stimulation so we can have a happier calmer Roland during our long drives.  Today’s play was no different.

First was a walk around the property.

Day 11 -  004

We found some pretty cool bikes that he wanted to ride.

We then grabbed Scarlet and headed for the Kids Club.


Both kids had a blast playing with the toys provided.

With play time over we packed the caravan and headed, once again, north along the coast.

You see, we really don’t have much of a plan.  Each day we look at the time when we leave, either the park or that day’s planned activity and we decide how far we think we can drive for the day.  Then we get out a phone and start looking for a place to stay.  This is often (at the moment with the Easter Weekend upon us) followed by several phone calls asking about availability.  We also keep a close eye on all the free places to stay in case we cannot find an alternative.

So as we drive and search for our next location we are treated to varied scenery.  I noticed the forest type changed frequently and the main crop switched from Sugar Cane to cattle once again.

The mountains grew up around us and we headed for more major cities.

Day 11 -  061

Outside Brisbane, we encountered our first “major” traffic jam that lasted about 5 minutes, lol.

Day 11 -  058

Again I found the extra back seat handy as I got Roland to eat while Dan drove to allow us some extra drive time.

Day 11 -  049Day 11 -  051Day 11 -  052

Brisbane looks like an interesting city.  As there are no caravan parks with availability we will just drive through today.

There are so many bridges here and a variety of styles.  I would like to come back some day and explore the city further.

These are just two of the interesting signs we see while driving.  There are also a variety of different animals other than your kangaroo or koala, like horses and even things we couldn’t identify.  I just love this steam train crossing sign, it was close to the Gimpy Gold Mining and Historical Museum. (a place we might need to visit tomorrow)

Speaking of Gimpy, there are a lot of rather oddly named places.  Like Broken Head and Tin Can Bay (Where we have driven today).Day 11 -  104

We have arrived in Tin Can Bay right at 5:00 and managed to sneak into the IGA just before it closes for the night.  As I prep and serve dinner, I look over to see Scarlet it what can only be described and Soother Heaven.

With that I will leave you for today as tomorrow we start bright and early with the hopes of seeing and even feeding some friendly sea creature…




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  1. Sweet. Looks like to me you are all having a good time. We traveled US for a month in a trailer with our kids at the same ages. We have great memories, the kids not so much.

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