Australia Day 11 – Going Nowhere Fast

Distance Driven: 0 – nada, zip, zilch, zero and it was fantastic!

Steps taken: 10,031


Today we simply spent the day in one spot, well as much as a toddler will let you stay in one spot.

We booked a few days in a Discovery Holiday Park and it is definitely geared for children with a little bit for adults too.


There are pools, splash pads, playground, bouncing pillow, movies, kids club, arcade, mini golf, and rentals for everything from bikes to paddle boats.


Roland had gone for a walk with Dan last night and spotted the splash pad and desperately wanted to go swimming.  So first thing after eating breakfast, that is what we did.


Roland had a blast at the playground.  He was a little hesitant with the bouncing pillow but happily sat on it and would drum or let you make it “bumpy”, climbing up and down was also acceptable.


It was hard to get him out of the splash pad once he got into it.  The water was freezing but he didn’t mind in the slightest.

I convinced him to get going and see what Daddy and Scarlet were up to so we could get ready for lunch.

Of course, before leaving we played at the arcade too.


We took a 1Km walk to the Lighthouse Beach and the cafe that is there.  We were treated to wonderful food and the view was spectacular.  The waves were just crashing out there.  While eating lunch we got to watch some filming being done.  It looks like this drone can be deployed to drop a flotation device while the lifeguard is on the way to rescue someone.


After a long nap by everyone (and we are so happy to have some air conditioning today) Roland was recharged and ready to go.  SWIMMING, yup he wanted more swimming.


As we left I got him to head to the waters while it was low tide.  You could see all sorts of tracks from hermit crabs, snails, and birds.  We chatted with some children who said in the evening you can find large blue crabs.  They also found a dead eel, popped out its eye and put it in the freezer to scare their poor mother.  Oh, children.


Splashing in the pool was great fun in the hot weather but as per usual the sand fleas found me and we headed for home.

I discovered last night that this place has a full-size bathtub so Roland had a bath and I finally got a chance to give him a good proper wash.


As we settle in for the night the rain has returned.  All in all, I am happy to be in this caravan and not a tent or a hotel.

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