Day 9 – Heading up the East Coast, Australia

Distance Driven: 350 km

Steps Taken: 7652

Day 9 -  024Today was a big day of driving.  We did 350km.


That might not sound like all that much but it took us from about 10 am till almost 5 pm.  Why so long? It wasn’t traffic, well there was a bit of traffic where they are building some major new highway.  It is more the fact that every time we stop it takes about 2 hours.  Everyone taking turns going to the bathroom, food and most importantly – play time for Roland.


Day 9 -  010

We drove through some pretty diverse countryside. Let me tell you, they do not take drivers safety lightly.  We frequently see these “stay awake” signs and have even seen signs for free coffee!


We have seen large rivers, mountains, fields, and forest.

There are some pretty interesting names of places around here too (and I expect to see even more of these peculiar names when we hit New Zealand too)

Some of the roads get pretty narrow too.

One of our stops was simply to get diesel and Roland NEEDED to get out and move around.

We arrived at out next destination at 4 pm and it was simply beautiful.

Day 9 - _0007.jpg

Bellinger River Tourist Park is situated right along a river with a train bridge going across. The park is small, the staff friendly and the amenities brand new and very clean.

Roland saw the pool as soon as we arrived and began asking if he could swim.  Seeing other children in the pool gave me hope.

Day 9 -  217Day 9 -  220

It was cold.  Even by Canadian standards, it was COLD.

After “swimming” we continued with the usual evening routine of dinner and bed for the kids.

Day 9 - _0011.jpg

Scarlet has such a great time rolling around on the bed.  She is getting so much movement now!

Day 9 - _0012.jpg

Roland has become one of those rebellious kids that let their pants hang down low, lol

As I finish writing this I am going through my pictures for the day.  This is how you know your toddler stole your camera and knows how to use it!! (he took 139 pictures!!!!)

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