Day 8 – Driving North and Making Friends

Distance Traveled: 248 km

Steps Taken: 10,942


Rock Star Illman 2

The Beast


I got to drive today!  Talk about stressful but it truly does get more comfortable as the day goes on.

I think we have hit a turning point, finally.  Everyone had a good long nights sleep, no super early mornings and both kids were dressed super warm.  It was only 7C when we woke up.

Dan doesn’t deal with the cold in the mornings as well so a warm breakfast was on order.  I, however, threw on my running gear and headed out (leaving Dan to deal with “Hangry” Roland) Oh and we ran out of coffee this morning.

My morning run was just what I needed.  There was little trail to follow so I made a few loops of it trying to discover if there was more.



Insert Creepy Music Here!!

I’m not gonna lie.  When I ran down this little side trail and saw this car I expected either someone to jump out or to find a skeleton inside.  Super creepy.




So off we headed and quickly stopped for coffee at the first McDonalds we saw! 

BTW, fastest time yet again!


The main part of our journey today was driving on the M1

These rock cuts are just something else.  Just think of the blasting that went into this and there are so many of these and often the highway is divided by one of these cuts.

We took a break at a rest area near Mooney Mooney in the Central Coast and had the pleasure of meeting two Rural Fire Fighters, Robert and Boyd.  We learned a little about rural fires and how they are “put out” and they had a laugh at the size of the grass fires we get at home (Their last grass fire was 1000’s of archers).


A little further down the road, we stopped for lunch and Roland got to pet another dog (an occurrence that happens as often as Roland can manage!).  Here we met “Darcy” and her people parents, who were on their way home to Nelson Bay.

Everyone we meet is so friendly and happy to have a conversation.  They are warm and welcoming and happy to offer polite suggestions about the are and places we might find interesting.  Even grocery shopping at Woolworth’s provides entertaining conversations with the kids involved.  We learned this with Roland in Belize, children make excellent ice breakers.

I try to keep flexibility in mind as we drive around.  After all, Life is about the Journey.  We happen to see a directional sign for Toronto and just had to check it out.

Rock Star Illman 1



Tonight we are setting up in the dark at a caravan park in Heatherbrae, NSW and from here I think we will put a good couple more days of driving in.  Our next major destination is Gold Coast, almost 700km away.






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  1. Thanks for sharing Laura. Its probably the only way I’ll ever see this part of the world. Those rock cuts definitely put ours to shame. I’ll be following this blog for sure. John has cousins in Australia, so it will be interesting for him to see what the country scenery is like also. Keep up the good work lol. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks again.

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