Day 7 – Blue Mountains

Distance Driven: 47km

Steps Taken: 7,573


Good Morning!

The Blue Mountains are a unique range of mountains that are like no others in the world.  They are known for not only their stunning sites but the blue haze caused by light, dust particles and the oils given off by the Eucalyptus Tree.

Today was our quickest day yet for getting going in the morning.  We ate breakfast and even had time to play at the park before leaving by the 10:00 check out time (yesterday took us until 12:00).  I am also happy to say that we have finally finished unpacking.  I have no clue where I put everything but our suitcase is empty and put into storage under the camper.

We first headed off to Govetts Leap Lookout in Blackheath


Our second stop was Echo Point where we had specular views of the Three Sisters and the surrounding area.  This was clearly the most popular lookout as there were several tour buses and NO parking available.  We managed to find a side street with parking and as both kids were sleeping, I headed off to see the sights and bring back lunch.


As time marched on, so quickly as it does every day, we chose one last lookout for the day, Wentworth Falls.


We were given the opportunity to have coffee and a small snack, sold by a local company who sets up a van and make excellent coffee.  By they way, we are still not sure how to get a cup of coffee like home, it’s just not the same.  Today we tried a Flat White instead of a Long black.  I like it.

Getting settled into a motorhome that feels massive when driving and like a tin can when moving about, has been an adjustment.  We are slowly getting the hang of things and I’m sure by the end of this 10-week adventure we will with love it or hate it but we will be experts either way.

Tonight we needed to bathe both kids.  It was a fun experiment.


Here is a video of what our home looks like today.

Tonight we have chosen a free campground.  There is a small loop of dirt road at a rest stop there you can park for the night.  There were washrooms and even showers.

I have had a massive headache all day.  I tried to drive but it was just too much.  As the thunder of an impending storm started to roll in I figured out the source of that pain.  Now, with the storm past, I feel much better.

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