Day 6 – Fire Museum

Day 6 – Fire Museum

Kilometers Driven: 95

Steps walked: 7754

Poor Scarlet woke up so cold this morning.  It was boiling hot when we went to bed and now we are all cold.  I’ve clearly forgotten that I am subject to the elements, just like in a tent.  The camper offers little protection from changing temperatures.

Our first breakfast in the camper was a simple one of yogurt with Rice Pops, PB&J on toast with scrambled eggs.  As we continue to unpack things are starting to settle in and I hope to bring you a tour of our new “home” in a few days.



Roland got super excited to see this one!


Yesterday we passed through a town called Penrith and spotted a Fire Museum.  So, on our way back towards the Blue Mountains we decided it would be fun to stop in and take a look.


Added bonus to traveling in your “house”

When we arrived at the museum both kids were sound asleep and I don’t like to wake sleeping babies. I simply got up and started to make lunch while they slept.  Once awake we were able to eat right away and head on inside.

Roland had such a great time looking at the different Fire Trucks and then there was a play area at the end that was the source of great excitement.

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Being a Saturday there were a few other families there. I met Paul, the grandfather of one of the children running around.


He asked me about the lenses on my phone.  I have this clip on wide angle lenses with a polarizing filter added on top. This little thing is fantastic.  It lets me fit soo much more into my pictures.

I truly had such a nice conversation with Paul.  He told me all about his father who was the first causality in the construction of the Sydney Opera House and about the tiles on the sails being porcelain.  He was also kind enough to surprise Roland with a Fire Hat from the museum’s gift shop.



After the Fire Museum, we headed west to drive through the main passage through the blue mountains.


Tonight, we are staying in Blackheath and we are 1060 ft above the sea.    When we started to climb, it was 24C and now only an hour later and still day, we are at just 15C.


Every night we find a better way to get ready for bed and start to settle into new routines.  Roland was VERY excited to see his new Penguin Pajamas tonight! Scarlet is also sporting new “Little Sister” jammies.

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