Day 5- The Beast


Today was a rather simple day.  Picking up our camper AKA “The Beast”.  Again we were up rather early and had a head start getting packed up and off to breakfast.  I had french toast with a poached pear, mascarpone cheese, Canadian maple syrup and toasted pecans.  I was too hungry to think about taking a picture so here is my beautiful cappuccino.

They were also setting up a market nearby.

So off we went to get this great big mobile home. Caravan is the most common word we hear being used but Roland prefers Camper.

As we left the city we got to see what (in my mind) can only be described as the Paw Patrol Lookout


We also got to experience the tunnels Sydney has built.


We spent the remainder of our day driving towards the Blue Mountains and calling around to find a place to sleep for the night. We also did our first grocery shop.

I find I am rather set in my way about the brands and foods I buy. It can be a little frustrating at first but I just keep reading myself self that there is an opportunity to try new things.

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