Day 4 – Sydney Opera House and Zoo

Day 4 started very early. Like 3:30 am kind of early.


Yeah, no one can give us a straight answer about what happened.

Since I was up so early it only made sense to take a time-lapse video of the sunrise.


Once we got going we took a long walk around the harbor to find breakfast and headed out to the Sydney Opera House.



I gave Roland his own camera today. It’s an old digital and I don’t expect anything will come of it but he is just so excited to run around and take pictures!!!

The whole harbor is just beautiful.

Alright, I’m going to say it. I thought it was going to be white. All the pictures I have seen make it look white.

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Did you know all the tiles are made of porcelain?
It’s beige at best.

Much to Roland’s delight, we even spotted a sleeping seal.

Back to the hotel room for a quick recharge and refresh AKA restocking the diaper bag and cooling down.


We headed back to the harbor to take the ferry straight over to the Taronga Zoo. Talk about affordable travel!! We loved it and let’s be honest. Roland thought it was pretty cool too.

This Zoo was amazing. The vegetation was lush making the trails shaded. We never felt overwhelmed by the size and we got to see some pretty cool animals!


We took the Sky Train for a loop to get a great overview of the whole Zoo.


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We had the opportunity to see the platypus.  It is a nocturnal and very shy animal so the video is obviously dark.  They are quite smaller than I would have expected and VERY fast under the water.

We rented a stroller for Roland and Scarlet even got the chance to be cut loose from the carrier.  We stopped in at the gift shop to return it and I contemplated getting Roland a new stuffy to commemorate his visit.  I would have thought he would choose a Giraffe or perhaps and Elephant as they seem to be his favorite.  What did he like the most?


A sheep.  Yeah,  I’m not buying a stuffed sheep at the Zoo.

As we headed back “home” we scored a free ferry ride (the ticket machine was broken) and I took the opportunity to pick up a few items we were running low on.  I also wanted to get Roland some dinner that was not from a restaurant.  The “Easy Mart” was crazy expensive but I found some interesting, kinda like home, items.


I also stopped at the pharmacy for diapers and was given this fantastic little gift.


Inside were diapers, wipes, banana holder, CPR guide, samples of soap, powder, and creams along with several reading items.  What a nice way to end our day.


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