Day 3 – Landing in Sydney

Finally landing in Sydney, Australia!

We have been traveling for over 30 hours and boy are we ready to move!

After clearing customs we got new sim cards for our phones (so don’t send me any text messages while we are gone!)

AUS day 3 - 22

Stepping out into the warm fresh morning air was just wonderful.

AUS day 3 - 23

Roland, as per usual, had no problems making new friends.  In fact, he was hugging random people’s legs on our way off the plane and in the airport!

AUS day 3 - 26

Tired as we were, it was decided a taxi was the most simple way to get to our hotel.  This is the potential waiting line for a Taxi.  Makes me think of the line for a rollercoaster!!!

With no line at all, we quickly headed off into Sydney downtown morning rush hour traffic.

AUS day 3 - 27

Some, like Dan, enjoyed chatting to the driver and some, like Roland, took a more relaxed approach to the drive.

Naturally, showing up at our hotel by 9:00 am, the room was simply not ready.  The staff at Rendezvous Hotel were wonderful.  They took our bags and gave us directions to some places we could grab a bite and called as soon as the room was cleaned up.  They even gave Roland this activity bag (Momma happens to REALLY like this one!)

AUS day 3 - 28

So we headed off to a pastry and coffee shop with a lovely courtyard at the back.

We quickly learned all about the Rainbow Lorikeet.



The rest of the morning was spent wandering around.


Checking into our room we were blown away with the view

AUS day 3 - 60

Everyone settled in for a nice long nap before heading off to dinner. And dinner was Pancakes!


So far we can tell Sydney is a beautiful city!