Day 2 – More Flying than you can imagine!

Day one of our Australia/New Zealand adventures saw us traveling from Toronto to Dallas, Texas. Now that we are back on a plane, we settle on for a 17-hour flight.

AUS Day 2 - 16

The staff onboard Qantas were fantastic. They gave Roland a little activity book and made sure Scarlet and I were settled in and knew how everything worked.

AUS Day 2 - 02

Roland, of course, didn’t pay much attention as he found the TV with a touch screen.


AUS Day 2 - 04

Day 2 was spent “sleeping”.  The plane was, thankfully, rather empty.  Scarlet had a bassinet on the wall, Roland had two seats to lay down on.   We were even “wined and dined” with dinner and snacks and eventually Breakfast.

AUS Day 2 - 06

Both kids did rather quite well sleeping and we did our best to keep them sleeping for as long as possible.

Once awake was another story.  Poor kids (and poor parents) had about 5 hours of flying left.  We took advantage of Roland’s busy book, TV and any impromptu toys we could find.

AUS Day 2 - 08

Finally, the day broke and we could move onto Day 3 – Landing in Sydney

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