Day 1 – Best decision I ever made!

It’s 6:00 am my time, that is according to my body anyway. I’ve managed a few hours of awkward sleep laying across a few empty seats. It’s Dan’s turn now. As I sit trying to get a good position upright, I’m not even sure I will sleep again.

AUS Day 2 - 06

A flight attendant rushes by and suddenly I’m eating a full-size KitKat. For breakfast. So is that day one completed? Or is it still going?

I was a little nervous earlier today.

We are headed to Australia.  There are 2 flights and one of them is 17 hours LONG!

We flew from Toronto to Dallas/Fortworth this morning and had chosen a 12-hour layover.

Yes, 12 hours.  I know most people HATE layovers and want them as short as humanly possible, short of running like a mad man through the airport!

Our plan was to get a room at a nearby hotel and spend the day there.   I have only had the opportunity to do anything like this once, coming home from Haiti.  As a group of adults, we spent the afternoon in Florida and I was more of the “tag along ” than the leader.


Fortunately, for us, our luggage was directed from one plane to the next. So, with our carry-on items, we grabbed the shuttle and were whisked off to a hotel for the day!

AUS 15

Turns out this was the Best idea ever. We had a room with a king bed and a sitting area. We quickly sprawled out and breathed. Relaxed. Ate lunch. And then we ALL napped. It was amazing to have all four napping at the same time in the same room.

AUS 12It gives me hope for my anxieties about sleeping in the camper.

Apparently our layover needed a bit of a side trip. We busted the main zipper on one backpack, Roland became a poop machine and we needed more diapers.

I had already taken a walk down the road to Whataburger and the gas station store with no luck (other than lunch of course).

AUS 16.jpg

So we all piled into a cab and off to Walmart we went. It was an expensive ride but a fun little side trip and Roland had a blast (as he does everywhere he goes)


AUS 30.jpg

When we returned from our “Walmart Tour” we reflected on the day and both agreed how rested and relaxed we felt. Just having this break made it feel like two separate trips rather than one incredibly long 30-hour long ordeal!



Back at the airport, Roland found more and more fun. He made friends with all the TSA security and helped brighten their day (trust me they were looking a little crabby before dealing with happy little Roland).


AUS 40.jpgAUS 44.jpg

We grabbed some supper and Roland started to hit overdrive.

AUS 34.jpg

Scarlet in the Ergo has been amazing. She hangs out and naps when she’s tired. My shoulders are sore but I am soooo happy to have it.

Once we boarded flight number two we quickly realized just how wonderful airlines OUTSIDE Noth America are.  Friendly, accommodating, caring, happy people work here!

Late dinner and got the kids sleeping, Scarlet in a bassinet on the wall and Roland sprawled across two seats.

AUS Day 2 - 04





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