Packing Light – 1 suitcase for the whole family!

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Roland Sees his first airplane at age 1.5

We are in the final countdown – One Week until takeoff and as I finish packing I find that I have lost my notes,


It’s ok…it took me a whole week but I found them!

With that crisis averted I finished packing and filmed the whole ordeal for you to see.

Want to know what I packed?

Here goes…

Packing List - One Suitcase and Backpacks

Some of the great travel clothing I found came from Eddi Bower and these fast drying underwear from ExOfficio.

It was pretty easy to find things that don’t take up a lot of room. Look for light fabric that will dry quickly and pack layers. You don’t need a winter coat if you put on a long sleeve, short sleeve, sweater and raincoat.

World Traveling Toddlers Packing List

This is an easily customizable packing list I have created just for all my wonderful readers.

Remember, when packing light:

Gather what you thing you need and cut our at least half.

Wash One, Wear One, Dry One.

Buy what you can there, don’t pack full-size bottles.

Use storage bags to decrease space and keep organized.

Happy Travels!

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