The Making of a Happy Child While Traveling – Roland’s Busy Binder

Busy busy busy Toddlers
Quiet play is so important. Whether in the car, at home while the other little is sleeping or on a 17 hour flight, quiet time is a good thing for everyone.

Enter Roland.

This handsome little dude is busy
In fact, after starting daycare at the age of two, my husband was checking in with one of his teachers. Since he was new to day care we wanted to make sure there were no issues, ( hitting, napping, eating, listening and such).

As Dan checks in with the teacher, she looks him in the eyes and says “Roland is a VERRY…BUSY…BOY…” intensely holding my husbands gaze for extra effect.
So yeah, I will admit. The idea of long periods where sitting is required makes me a little antsy with the thought of this particular toddler.


Now enter in the BUSY BOOK

I have had so much fun putting this together! I made so many things I may actually split this into two binders!!

It truly was a simple thing to make and super easy to customize for your own little one.

Step One: get a binder.

I happen to be in our local office store when I spyed this particular binder that has a zipper all the way around so nothing can fall out, but that wasn’t even the best part. It has plastic rings! No catching, or bending, or pinched fingers!





Step Two: Get a laminator and some sheets

I simply went to Walmart and picked up a Scotch Laminator for about $30. I also bought the 5ml sheets so they were stronger. My other idea was the 3ml sheets and I could print on card stock if I needed to.

Step Three: Let your imagination run wild and fill it up!

Go simple and laminate some pages from activity books or get creative and make your own pages. Once laminated you can use dry erase crayons.  crayola-dry-erase

Yup. They have dry erase crayons!! Just wipe off and reuse those sheets again. 🙂
I found a free trial for software to make these activities. It’s called Boardmaker.

The program is great for getting these little graphics! I cut everything out and used Velcro strips and dots so everything stays secure while in transit.

I went to the local dollar store and found these water colour books. They go blank again when they dry.

Don’t forget good old plane paper and crayons!

 crayola-twistablesI found these great twits crayons that are in a plastic sleeve. I’m hoping the will be stronger and therefore last longer with in the hands of a toddler.
I am also going to make some Ispy bags. I have pollyfill beads for making stuffed animals and a lot of little toys. I will take a pencil case with a clear window, fill it up and tape it shut for good measure.
Scarlet won’t need as much but I may just make her a table tray cover with felt and some fun sensory toys on it.
We have a month and a half left before we leave so this may not actually happen.




I tried to keep this binder a surprise from Roland so it will be new and exciting but he spotted it once already.

He knows there is drawing in it and clearly is interested!!



What are your GO TO activities while in transit?

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