Making a List and Checking it Twice


Do you every have that perfect picture in your mind? Well, with children that often just doesn’t work…

As we ring in the new year I look back and see just how wonderful 2016 was and how amazing 2017 is going to be. 2016 had our first child turn two and the birth of our second child in September. We also took a 6-week vacation to Belize with our then 1.5-year-old son.

2017 will certainly be a year to remember as we plan our two-month long vacation to New Zealand and Australia (let’s be honest, traveling that far from Canada with two little ones means we will make the trip as long as possible)

Let’s just say I’m a list person (I get that from my mother apparently)

I LOVE lists when it comes to remembering things.

In high school my mother told me to get a chain for my wallet, you know like the grunge era chain that attached your wallet to your pants… yeah…I tend to forget things.

Oh, and for Christmas this year I got a TILE.

It’s one of those if you lose whatever you attach it to you can find it again.  Do you know who got me that gift?  Yup…you guessed it, my Mother. (P.S. I love it, put it on my keys and I can use it to find my phone like a reverse look up).They retail for about $30 each.

So packing….

I think my list for Belize was three pages long, with one kid and two adults in warm weather.  We had two large suitcases and WAY too much carry on items.  According to my husband, I had gone a little crazy.

This time around I would like to see if I can seriously cut down on luggage. Maybe even just one large suitcase, wouldn’t that be AMAZING!

We were talking about packing just the other day and this trip really is different than Belize.  Austrailia and New Zealand are First Worlds whereas Belize is a much more simple country.  In Belize can be hard to find what you are looking for.  Buying anything in Belize has its adventures (and brand name/US type items are very expensive). Sometimes finding the medication or ointment can be pricey or difficult.

So we thought about traveling light and picking up what we need as we go from thrift shops and other stores, then we can simply donate the items before hopping back on the next plane (or coming home with lots of souvenirs!)

So now my search is on for Thrift Store locations and making my list of JUST the ESSENTIALS

Can I do it?

Here are a few “big” items we are considering.

First, a tip!

Normally I just use the standard hardshell zipper suitcase I have had for the last 10 years. Storage, however, can be very limited in a motorhome and collapsible bags will take up much less space. I also plan on using those space bags. The ones that will squish all the air out of your clothing.
Next are Portable Bassinets:

Baby Scarlet and Big Brother Roland will be sharing a big bed and Scarlet will be too little to actually sleep in the bed. So, a portable bed of some kind will be needed.

I would prefer it to sit on the bed if possible (three sides on the bed have walls) but may we’ll end up on the floor.
One rental company even suggested a specific brand as it was Barrie enough to sit on the floor of the motor home.


I have done lots of reading and these are on my short list of light, portable and small.
koo-diThe Koo-di Travel Bubble Cot will sit on the floor. It has a very small footprint and will last the longest (it take longer to outgrow this one, up to 24 months depending on the style). Super portable at just 3 or 4 lbs and can double as a UV/bug shelter for baby outside. Unfortunately, this is a UK company and that makes it a more expensive option here in Canada. I will be looking for a “Canadian” version if possible.


3 in 1 Diaper Bag – Travel Bassinet – Change Station looks like an amazing product.  Something with multiple functions in one is always a plus when traveling.  This looks great for the airplane too as baby Scarlet can have a nap anywhere.  It is 30in long so should last until the end of our trip (I HOPE! Roland was almost that long at 7 months!!)


Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper I have used before. It’s small light and sets up in seconds.

My only concern will be scarlets height. She is already tall at 25.5 inches at 4 months old. Most travel bassinets are recommended up until the baby can sit up unaided or starts rolling around lots. She may well outgrow these types of beds while we are there too!



We also have The Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail . We used it in Belize and it’s wonderfully small for travel, comes with a pump and simply tucks under the bed sheet.

Regalo Cot.jpg
On a side note. We love the Regalo Travel cot. We would not use it on the trip. It’s worth a mention for any traveling toddler. Low to the ground. Small. Light. A crib sheet will fit on it as well.


And so my list and research will continue tirelessly until the day we leave because that is the type of person I am.  I will make sure to share my final list and choices with you as we get closer to leaving on this trip.


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