International Calling is kinda exciting!


Flash Back 80’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I started the exhaustive search for a camper/motorhome, flights, and hotels!

Scarlet is now 4 months old and super busy. Eating your own feet can become a full-time hobby apparently.

Roland LOVES his little sister too. He will talk with her and make her laugh or bring her toys to play with.  I could listen to them talking and giggling all day! ❤️

Ok. Back to planning. There are SOOOOO many to choices!

For our camper rental, or “hire” as it’s called on the other side of the world, I decided it best to call around and look for companies that would give us a discount for renting in both countries.

And you know what… it was actually exciting calling another country so far away.  (I love hearing the different voices!!)


So far I have found Maui and Apallo to have rentals in both NZ and OZ.

We are looking for a camper that suits 4 people and two of them will be in car seats.  We also want a toilet and shower.

When looking at what company to hire there are several areas to look at. Things like the age of the vehicle, manual vs automatic and floor plans are just the tip of the iceberg.  You also need to look at all the extras vs what is included in the rental, then you can start doing some math.

Many of the extras can be car seats, folding chairs, crib, highchair etc. Where as many of the inclusions to look for are heat/ Air Conditioning, gas bottles, cutlery/crockery.  I found it best to make my own list of what I wanted to see what I got with each company.

There are also bundles you can get.  For example, $10 a day can get you many of the extras like chairs/table, car seats and 1 GB of internet.

I was able to call and talk directly to Nora in New Zealand. She was a wonderful help and sent me a quote with what I wanted and even what I didn’t know I wanted (She was spot on!).  Poor Nora, I sent her at least 4 revisions on the dates and she happily obliged and got me an extra discount.

Here is the floor plan. I really like how there is lots of space for the kids to play during the day. We can all sit around that back table to eat. And with the second table, there will still be somewhere to sit while the kids are sleeping.

With the internet available on board I won’t need to find any type of cell phone plan with data while we are there. (I have used internet based calling aps while in other countries before).

Sadly Apollo was not as smooth.  I was unable to call. I tried every number they had, even local with all the extra country codes and everything.  Nothing worked.  So I hopped online to do a live chat.  It was promising until I got the runaround.  I explained my flexible dates, two countries, kids… and after waiting I was disconnected.  After reconnecting and retelling my plans I was transferred through several people.  (I was happy to call but no one could answer the question of how to call from Canada).  I was given a quote for Australia but not New Zealand and the quote was MORE than if I booked it on the website own search function!!!!

Finally, I gave up.  It was late and I wanted to go to bed.  I asked them to send the information to my email address and said good night.  Nothing came. has won my business!


Fingers crossed we can find what we are looking for (T-Minus 3 months till departure!)


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