How to get to Tasmania

Scarlet and Roland are growing like weeds!

Scarlet is almost two months old now.  She loves to give lots of smiles and is a champ at sleeping!! (Makes Momma HAPPY!!)

Roland is still in Day Care because he loves it so much, we did not have the heart to pull him out right away.

His teachers say he is very helpful tidying up and gets along with the others well.  They also talk about how busy he is and how smart (too smart for our own good we say) he is.  My big boy (he’s 37 lbs already 😮 ) is growing up to be a strong independent (also there words) little man.


There are two basic ways to get to Tasmania.

You can fly there, or you can take a ferry.

Today I stumble across the website for the ferryboat that takes you from Melbourne to Tasmania.  These prices are based on the searches I did (November 2016) for around the dates we will be traveling and the prices will likely be different next time I search or when you search.

The ferry for two adults with a camper is about $600 round trip.  Now the time of year we will be traveling there will only be night trips (7:30 pm to 6:00 am), this means we will need a place to sleep.


There are a few different options.
If you don’t have babies like we do you can sleep in a recliner for free!  There are also shared rooms (boy or girl) that are about $30/night.

Privet rooms consist of:


4 twin beds with NO window is $132


2 or 4 twin beds with a window are $180.


You can put one cot in the rooms with twin beds for no charge as long as you have specified that you are traveling with children. These rooms also have a privet bath with shower.


THE DELUX ROOM ($460/night)

sounds totally worth it to me.  With features like a Queen size bed, room for two cots, TV, privet bath and two windows I am willing to spend the extra money.


The other way to get over to the island of Tasmania is to fly (I suppose you could technically swim but it’s kinda far and all your stuff would get wet 😛 )


We will either fly from Sydney or from Auckland, New Zealand.  Flights from NZ will cost us about $1200 and flights to or from Sydney/Tasmania will cost $900.


OK, so what is our plan of travel going to be?


Let’s compare two different options.

  1. Fly from Auckland, NZ to Sydney, AUS and rent the camper.  Then drive to Melbourne and take the Ferry to and from Tasmania
  2. Fly from Auckland, NZ to Tasmania, rent a car and then fly to Sydney where we will rent the camper for the rest of our trip.

We are not going to include camper rental/ car rental and accommodations because that is just way to much detail and headache for me.


In scenario one we fly from Auckland to Sydney costing us $780.  The round-trip fare for two adults (kids are free) and a camper costs $600.  The deluxe cabin round-trip is $920. Total: $2300.  We can go as low as $1,644 with the inside twin bed option too.


In scenario two we fly from Auckland to Tasmania at $1,200 then fly from Tasmania to Sydney at $900 totaling $2100


I ran these numbers by my husband today and I think he’s starting to realize just what this trip will be costing us…


For more information about the ferry that goes from the mainland to Tasmania visit


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