Where to start

Where to start


Scarlet is a month old already!!


Scarlet is 1 Month Old ALREADY!!!

I now have just 5 months to plan this trip.

Sounds like a lot of time? Well not really.

  I need to figure out a few advanced things like the dates we will travel (so I can get our flights booked and start looking for cat sitters) and how long we will go for.  Right now we are talking about two months but we can make it longer or shorter if we like/need.

There is an awful lot of land to cover in New Zealand and Australia.
I’ve started reading travel guides, websites watched “top 10” videos and wow there is a lot to see.
There is just so much out there and I can’t remember one location from the next right now (sleep deprivation/baby brain, whatever you want to call it)

So I decided to get a little organized


I simply printed a map of New Zealand, Australia and a closeup of Tasmania

Now I can start adding points of interest!

I figure I will decide on fun things to see, plot a route and then decide just how many days it will take and how we want to travel 🙂


Have you been to either country? What were your favourite must-see places?


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