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This is Scarlet. She was born on September 13th and by September 18th my husband, Dan, decided he was serious… “let’s go to New Zealand and Australia for a few months”



When? While I’m on maternity leave would make the most sense he says.

As it turns out Dan’s contract position was extended from December till April. This being when Scarlet is 6 months sounded like the best time.

Oh yeah, did I mention we also have a toddler?

This is Roland. He’s 2 and will be almost 3 when we head off for this adventure!

Roland has been on a long trip already. At one and a half we all went to Belize for 6 weeks and he LOVED it!

Travel with us as we plan and explore different places around the world.  Read about the places we’ve been, like Belize, and places we plan to visit like New Zealand and Australia.

Traveling with Toddlers, Babies and Kids is an adventure in itself and one that I highly recommend.